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As Father’s Day approaches, the personal finance website WalletHub says South Carolina is one of the worst states in which to be a father.

According to the analysis, South Carolina ranked 46 out of 51 states (included the District of Columbia). The only states that ranked lower were Nevada, West Virginia, Mississippi, New Mexico and Louisiana. North Carolina ranked 35 while Georgia ranked 42.

The best state to be a father was Massachusetts with an overall score of 75.38 followed by Connecticut (70.36), New Jersey (66.28), Vermont (65.73) and Minnesota (65.5) rounding out the top five. Harsh winter weather was not a factor in the scoring. South Carolina’s overall score was 38.44.

Twenty-two factors were utilized across four categories to analyze the fatherhood experience in the United States. Those four categories were Economic Well-Being, Work-Life Balance, Child Care and Health. South Carolina ranked 40 or worse in every category.

However, the Palmetto State was ranked the second best in regards to childcare costs.