Governon McMaster

Gov. Henry McMaster (right) holds a media briefing to tell the public about the state's response to COVID-19 on March 26,2020.

On Thursday, Gov. Henry McMaster and DHEC health public officials held a press conference to address the state about COVID-19 crisis.

McMaster said that at this time, there is no need for "a shelter in place" and said that people are following the advice of officials, staying home and avoiding public gatherings.

"We will do that if and only if necessary, to take those steps," he said. McMaster said that he has great faith in because the people are “respectful, courtesy, gentle, smart and resistant."

"The things we have asked them to do, they are doing, and they are doing very well," he said.

On Monday afternoon, McMaster issued the order for law enforcement to disperse large crowds on beaches and public gatherings.

It was reported by McMaster that 20,918 people who work in the state government work at home -or on leave- compared to the 17,867 state employees who come to work. This shows that over half of state employees are practicing social distancing working from home. He also cites how traffic counts on states roads have dropped by half.

McMaster also shared his thoughts about President Trump’s wanting to open the country up by Easter.

“We loved to be back in business by Easter,” he said calling the president ‘optimistic.' “The president realizes….that business is our lifeblood.”

He said once again that he believes in South Carolinians ability to follow the safety orders during this time.

“I have great faith in the common sense, the wisdom, the resilience and the commitment of the people of our state.”

Dr. Linda Bell with DHEC spoke at the press statement and said based on their projections, they predict an estimate of 2,657 cumulative cases by April 2 and over 8,000 cases by May 2.

“This date only provides predictions and may change significantly over time due to various factors,” Dr. Bell said.

As of Thursday, 456 cases were reported in South Carolina. Georgetown County now has three cases.