Andrews Yellow Jacket are 3-1 on the season, after beating the Johnsonville Flashes 29-20 at home Sept. 27.

Both team’s offenses were able to drive the ball down the field in the first quarter.

With less than 2:40 left in the first quarter, Andrews quarterback Francis Brown passed to running back Franklin Grant for a six-yard touchdown in the end zone making it 7-0.

The PAT was good.

Moving into the second quarter of the game, Andrews fumbled the ball but it was quickly recovered by tight end Colby Wright at the 11:23 mark of the quarter.

Grant scored another touchdown for Andrews at the 1-yard end zone. The PAT was missed with Andrews still leading 13-0.

After receiving the ball on the next drive, Johnsonville scored their first touchdown with quarterback Savion Graves pass to Tyraun Chandler for a touchdown.

The PAT was missed, and Johnsonville trailed 13-6.

Later, Johnsonville’s Wyatt Smith intercepted a pass at the 36-yard line.

However, Johnsonville struggled as they gained no yards and the ball was punted back to Andrews.

Another fumble for Andrews resulted in a Johnsonville recovery, and Graves carried the ball again for a 31-yard touchdown.

After Andrews’ second timeout, Johnsonville went for a two-point conversion with them leading into halftime 14-13.

Andrews gained another touchdown after the break in the third quarter as Grant carried a seven-yard touchdown in the end zone and the PAT was good giving them a 21-14 lead.

In the first eight minutes of the last quarter, Andrews added one last touchdown as Brown passed to Ethan Cannon for 15 yards.

The PAT was passed from Brown to Waylon Jones for a 2-point conversion.

Johnsonville added a late touchdown, although the PAT was no good, for the Yellow Jackets 29-20 win.

Coach Scott Durham said that the number of turnovers is dampening their plays with nine penalties and five turnovers in the first half.

However, he said that the number of turnovers changed due to a quick change of play on Andrews players.

“We just turned the ball over less and committed less penalties,” Durham said.

Brown went 3-7 with 27 yards passing with two touchdowns and one interception. Grant had two touchdowns and 79 yards and Demetrius McCray had 72 yards gained.

The Yellow Jackets will be traveling to an away conference game at Carvers Bay Bears on Friday, October 4 with a scheduled kickoff at 7:30 p.m.