Jordan Ward

Jordan Ward

Georgetown High School Principal Craig Evans has named Jordan Ward as interim football coach. The announcement comes days after the resignation of Kelvin Roller, who signed a contract to be the football coach on May 3 and resigned May 14.

Ward has been an assistant coach for Georgetown since 2016.

Evans said he will not open up the application process again, meaning he will choose a new coach from the pool of original applications, which included Ward.

Ward is a graduate of Johnsonville High School and started coaching for his alma mater in 2007. He also coached at Creek Bridge and Hannah Pamplico high schools before joining Coach Ken Cribb’s staff at Georgetown in 2016.

Roller showed up at the school unannounced May 14 and told Evans that he was resigning due to "personal and health issues." Evans said he was “surprised,” especially since he and Roller had been talking about the hiring of assistant coaches on May 12.