Pawleys Plantation

Men’s Results for July 8.

The game was Flighted Individuals using Stableford scoring. First in Flight 1 (AB) was Phil Luers with 40 points; second, was Jim Swartz with 39 and third was Ken McCormack with 38. First in Flight 2 (CD) was Paul Descoteaux with 41 points; second, was John Denton with 40 and third was Tom Long with 36.

Closest to the pin: Phil Luers on no. 3, Jim Swartz on no. 7, John Denton on no. 13 and John Denton again on no. 17.

Men’s Results for July 1.

A Four Man team (ABCD) game scoring 1 Low Gross and 1 Low Net on all holes was played. The team of Jim Swartz, Jim Schmidt, Bill Cross and Tony Parks won with 135 (MOC); Cam Bosnic, Ken McCormack, Rich Clark and John Denton were second also with 135.

Closest to the pin: Jim Schmidt on no. 3, Bill Cross on no. 7, Byron Chinn on no. 13 and Dennis Wahl on no. 17.

Wachesaw Plantation

On June 27, Wachesaw Plantation Club played an Individual Ladies Match Play vs. Par.

1st: Jeannette Godwin-3 UP

T2nd: Sophia Hansen and Gayle Hall-Even

4th: Mal Mosher-1 Down

Birdies: Gayle Hall and Sophia Hansen #9

Chip-Ins: Gayle Hall #9


Men’s results from July 3 Gold Tee weekly game at Tradition was a Full Team Scramble format.

Winners Front Side 1st. Place: Jim Cronin/John Cronin/John Melzer/Bob Bridges (-26), Winners Back Side: 1st. Place Brian Kramer/Bob Fulton/Bill Renault/Jef Sturm (-25)

Closest to the Pin: No. 2, Joe Stacey No. 5, Ron Eaglin No. 12, Brian Kramer and No. 15 Bill Mitchell

Men’s results from June 6 Gold Tee weekly game at Tradition was a Member-Member 3 Holes Ryder Cup Format.

Winners Front Side: Dale Guzlas/Jerry Mithen (1 up), Al Britsch/Bob Fulton (2&1), Marion Culpepper/Hugh Espey (1 up), Ed Werczynski/Tom Little( 2&1), Tom Swanson/Joe Stacey (1 up)

Winners Back Side:Brian Kramer (2&1) Al Carline/Jay Jones (1 up) Vinnie Esposito/Jim Cronin (3&2) Bill Renault/Charlie Muratore (4up)

Closest to the Pin: No. 2, No. 5 George Gabelman, No. 12 Paul Lempert and No. 15 Al Carline.