The Aug. 7 Gold Tee weekly game was a Texas Scramble format.

Winners Front Side-1st. Place: Dave Philips/Bob Fulton/Hugh Espey/Charlie Muratore (-13) 2nd. Place-Craig Monaghan/Glen Campbell/Ted Wroth/Marty Robic (-12).

Winners Back Side-1st. Place-Ed Gilmette/John McLaughlin/Larry Barksdale/Corky Mackenzie (-12) Second Place-Michael Geary/Ed Shelton/Tom Sandham/Bob Keller (-8) Closest to the Pin: #2 Ted Wroth #5 Dave Philips #12 Paul Lempert #15 Greg Akers.

The July 31 Gold Tee Weekly Game was a Texas Scramble format.

Winners Front Side-1st. Place: Vinnie Esposito/John McLaughlin/Hugh Espey/Dale Guzlas (-9) 2nd. Place-Frank D’Amato/Allan MacDonald/George Gabelman/Jerry Mithen (-6).

Winners Back Side-1st. Place-Tom Swanson/Al Carline/Tom Sandham/Martin Robic (-10MC) Second Place-Al Federaro/Pat Delaney/Charlie Muratore/Roy MacSorley (-10) Closest to the Pin: #2 Jerry Mithen #5 Bill Mitchell #12 No Winner #15 Tom Swanson.

Pawleys Plantation

Men’s results for July 29.

Four Man Teams played a 1-2–3 Waltz game. The team of Byron Chinn, Bob Borgmeier, Joe Ferreira and Peter Raymond won with 122.

Closest to the pin: Peter Raymond on no. 3, JT Sullivan on no. 7, Jerry Valentine on no. 13 and Dennis Wahl on no. 17.

Wachesaw Plantation Club

On 8/8 Wachesaw Plantation Club played a Nassua Tournament

Flight One:

Overall: Jeannette Godwin-68

Front: Carol Sacco-36

Back: Amy Olem-34

Flight Two:

Overall: Jane Petrone-74

Front: Marcy Briggs-34

Back: Marlene Kurtz-36