Labor Day winners

Winners from the Labor Day Tournament at the Tradition Golf Club.


The Aug. 28 Gold Tee weekly game was a Texas Scramble format.

Winners Front Side-First Place: Alan MacDonald/Ed Werczynski/Harry Stewart/Bill vonLeer (-11) Second Place-Jim Cronin/Terry Tuttle/Al Carline/Dale Guzlas (-9).

Winners Back Side-First Place-Charlie Cocores/Bill Kendall/Marion Culpepper/Doug Waikart (-11) Second Place-Tom Swanson/Corkey MacKenzie/George Gabelman/Greg Akers(-8).

Closest to the Pin: #2 Jef Sturm #5 Vincent Esposito #12 Keith Hoyle #15 Tom Swanson.

Labor Day tournament 9/1

Flight A winners; 1st Dick & Carolyn Pacella, Jim Cronin, Dot Nolan (56.5) 2nd Frank & Pat D’Amato, Paul & Maureen Lempert (58.5)

Flight B winners; 1st Harry Stewart, Donna Culver, Danny Ingram, Robin Heath (59) 2nd Dan & Mary Lou Goodell, Jim & Bev Jackson (59.5) 3rd Larry & Daune Barksdale, Bill & Jan Mitchell (60.5)

Flight C winners; 1st Rudy Schwarz, Sharon Ramsey, Ed & Carol Guilmette (61.5), 2nd Vinnie & Skippy Esposito, Bill & Joanne Kendall (61.75), 3rd Jim & Ellen Spataro, Rich & Kathy McKay (62.5)

Nine hole Flight winners; 1st Dave & Monique Philips, Glen Campbell, Pam Liposky (31 moc) 2nd Alan & Ann MacDonald, Ron & Bonnie Eaglin (31), 3rd Ernie Heilberg, Jerry Mithen, Corky MacKenzie, Jim Davis (31.75).

The closest to the pin winners were; hole # 2 Paul Lempert/Joan Kendall, hole # 5 Paul Lempert/Pat D’Amato, hole #12 Jim Jackson /Daune Barkdale, hole #15 Jerry Mithen/Pat D’Amato.

Pawleys Plantation

Men’s results for Aug. 26

The game was individual play using the Stableford scoring system.

First was Russ Mehrman with 45 points; second was Sandy Burns with 43; third was JT Sullivan with 40: fourth was Rich Haney with 38 (moc); fifth was Dennis Wahl with 38; and sixth was Paul Amthauer with 37.

Closest to the pin: Bacil Dickert on three at 17’11”, Paul Amthauer on seven at 7’7”, Dennis Wahl on thirteen at 6’5”, and Rich Haney seventeen at 20’9”.

Men’s results for Sept. 9

Four man teams paired ABCD played 2 low net on Par 4 and 5s, and 3 low net on Par 3s.

First at 128 were Jim Swartz, Ken McCormack, Don Durdan and Tom Long. Second at 133 were Cam Bosnic, Joe Ferreira, Marion Parsons and Larry Bertolucci.

Closest to the pin: Ken McCormack on three at 12’9”, Ken McCormack again on seven at 28’3”, Ken McCormack again on thirteen at 11’8”, and Dennis Wahl on seventeen at 9”.