Men’s results for May 21. The Tradition Men played one gross and one net for A flight and two nets for B flight.

A flight: first, Eric Muller, Dan Molloy, John Cavanaugh, Bob Pacholski (-16); second, Roger Byrne, Frank D’Amato, Bob Zuercher, Tim Mandroc (-13); third, Ron Mokrynka, Paul Hayes, Dan Goodell, Bob Wittig (-9); fourth, Dick Pacella, Jack Graham, Vin Esposito, Allan MacDonald (-7).

B flight: first, Ed Sheldon, Gary O”Dell, Doug Waikart, Ed Guilmette (-20); second, Pat Delaney, Ron Eaglin, Frank Hawkins, Blind (-18); third, Bill DiGaudio, Don McDowell, Jim Spataro, Bob Bridges (-9).

Closest to the Pin: Graham on no. 2, Jack Cortese on no. 5, Dave Streeter on no. 12, Jim Lewis on no. 15.

Low Gross: Cavanaugh and Byrne (73).

Low Net: Cavanaugh (73-9=64).

Men’s results for May 15. The Gold Tee Weekly Game at Tradition was a Texas Scramble game.

Front Side: first, Paul Lempert/Don McDowell/Pat Delaney/Terry Tuttle (-6MC); second, Jim Cronin/Ron Eaglin/Phil Fleiss/Paul Lasinski (-6)

Back Side: first, Charlie Cocores/Blind/Charlie Muratore/Tom Sandham (-8); second, Craig Monaghan/Al Foderaro/Bill Jacobs/Deiter Wegner (-7).

Closest to the Pin: Dave Philips on no. 2; Paul Lempert on no. 5; Glen Campbell on no. 12; Jerry Mayer on no. 15.

Men’s results for May 8. The Gold Tee Weekly Game at Tradition was a Texas Scramble game.

Front Side: first, Frank D’Amato/Tom Swanson/Bill Renault/Corky Mackenzie (-14); second, Bob Wittig/George Gabelman/Bob Thompson/Greg Akers (-11).

Back Side: first, Bill Mitchell/Bob Fulton/Pat Delaney/Jim Davis (-8); second, Jim Cronin/Dale Guzlas/Dave Declet/Paul Lasinski (-6).

Closest to the Pin: Alan MacDonald on no. 2, John McLaughlin on no. 5, Dale Guzlas on no. 12 and Dale Guzlas on no. 15.

Pawleys Plantation

Men’s results for May 13. The game was individual play using the Stableford scoring system.

First, Tony Parks with 45 points; second, Dennis Wahl with 38 (moc); third, Rich Clark with 38: fourth, Peter Raymond with 36.

Closest to the pin: Dennis Wahl on no. 3, Ken McCormack on no. 7, Marion Parsons on no. 13, and Peter Raymond on no. 17.

Men’s results for May 6. A Four Man Team (ABCD) game scoring 2 Low Net on all holes was played.

First, Marty Wiseman, Russ Mehrman, Peter Raymond and Peter Routsis with 124 (moc); second, Phil Luers, Dennis Wahl, Bern Sweeney and Sandy Burns also with 124; third, Byron Chinn, Gil Goldsmith, Bill Cross and John Denton with 128.

Closest to the pin: Marty Wiseman on no. 3, Harold Verrengia on no. 7, Peter Raymond on no. 13 and Peter Aubrey on no. 17.

Wachesaw Plantation

Ladies results for May 10. Wachesaw Plantation club held a Shootout

First, Jeannette Godwin and Carole Williamson; second, Nancy Letzler and Muriel Sheubrooks; third, Sandy Hill and Sharon DeCosmo; fourth, Mandy Christian and Linda O’Connor; fifth, Paula Deane and Rosemary Plesha; sixth, Judy Shadman and Shirley Williams; seventh, Barbara Hasenstab and Karen Newsome; eighth, Sophia Hansen and Marlene Kurtz; ninth, Vickie Menard and Mary Salvatore; 10th, Ellen Miller and Marilyn Mosher.

Team Qualifying Round: First Gross, Ellen Miller and Sandy Hill; first Net-Sophia Hansen and Paula Deane.

Birdies: Shirley Williams on no. 1 and no. 3; Sophia Hansen on no. 4.

Chip-Ins: Mary Salvatore on no. 4.

Wachesaw East

Men’s results for April 25. 3 Scores on par 5, 2 Scores on par 4, 1 Score on par 3.

First, Jim Murphy, Ed Shirley, Vinny Vecchio, Tom Darcy -24; second, Jim Kearns, Mike Talaska, George Schubert, Mike Stuart -24; third, Jim Muncie, Jim Edge, Larry Crouse, Gary Johnson, -23.

Closest to the Pin: Tom Darcy on no. 8; Vinny Vecchio on no. 12.

Birdies: Mike Stuart on no. 1; Jim Kearns on no. 2; Jim Edge on no. 5; Ed Shirley on no. 7; Vinny Vecchio on no. 12; Larry Crouse on no. 17; Larry Crouse on no. 18.

Men’s results for April 23. Stableford scoring.

First, George Schubert; second, Carl Morse; third, Claud Bachand; fourth, Pat Forte.

Closest to the Pin: Jim Muncie on no. 8; Mike Stuart on no. 15

Birdies: Gary Johnson on no. 2; Pat Forte on no. 5; George Schubert on no. 6.