Adriaan Wildschutt


Coastal Carolina track and field’s Adriaan Wildschutt recorded a third-place finish in the men’s 10,000-meters to earn the bronze medal on Wednesday at the 2019 World University Games held in Naples, Italy, from July 3-14.

Competing for South Africa, Wildschutt raced his way to a top-three finish with his finals time of 26:36.39.

The rising junior was just 6.38 seconds behind the second-place finisher Hiroki Abe of Japan and crossed the finish line only 6.96 seconds behind gold medalist Milton Mokofane Kekana of Russia.

Wildschutt’s time of 26:36.39 in the men’s’ 10,000-meters event topped his time of 30:52.04 at the 2019 NCAA Men’s Track and Field Championships in June in which he earned All-American honorable mention honors with his 19th-place finish.