Georgetown High School’s boys golf team has four sophomores, and they're the veterans of the squad. Their teammates are two eighth-graders and two seventh-graders.

It’s the third year on the team for James Gore and Trace Adams. The two sophomores play No. 1 and No. 2 for the Bulldogs.

Gore said he loves the “challenge, the atmosphere and competiveness” of high school golf. “When you’re competing there’s a little bit more pressure and reason to play,” he added.

Adams said golf is “something I can go do for fun and have fun and not really worry about anything else.” He said he’s seen the team get better in his three years. “The relationships on this team are getting better.”

“We’re getting better each week,” said Georgetown Coach Adam Willm. “I think we’re shaping up for the region and Lower State.”

Willm only had four or five golfers last year, which was his first as coach. This year has been different: more “smooth,” he said.

“I didn’t have to beg any kids to come out,” Willm added. “And the kids that are out there really love to play. … Once they get one or two matches under their belt than they get the hang of it.”

In their last match on April 18, the Bulldogs finished second to Myrtle Beach, 166-199, but topped Lowcountry Prep School by seven shots. Gore shot a 41 to lead Georgetown. Adams was second with a 43, followed by Carson Watford with a 56 and Troy Holt with a 59.

The 33-shot loss to Myrtle Beach was an improvement over a match on April 16, when the Bulldogs lost to the Seahawks 154-200. Gore shot a 43 to lead Georgetown. Adams was second with a 51, followed by Corey Stone with a 51, Grant Hammett with a 55 and Holt with a 61.

Georgetown finished third behind Myrtle Beach and St. James on April 10. The Seahawks shot a 147, followed by the Sharks with a 160 and the Bulldogs with a 203. Adams shot a 43 to lead Georgetown. Gore was second with a 45, followed by Corey Stone with a 53, Hammett with a 62 and Holt with a 63.

Georgetown won a tri-match over Johnsonville and Loris on March 28. The Bulldogs shot a 183, the Flashes shot a 196 and the Lions shot a 204. Gore shot a 40 to lead Georgetown. Stone was second with a 45, followed by Adams with a 48, Holt with a 50, Watford with a 58 and Hammett with a 65.

Willm said he is confident the future is bright for Bulldogs. “They’ll go two, or three, or four years before Georgetown High has its best team playing,” he said. “We’re only going to get better after this.”