HEMINGWAY -- It was a defensive game but Carvers Bay pulled through in the end to get by the Andrews Yellow Jackets.

The Carvers Bay varsity boys’ basketball team defeated Andrews 55-48 on Friday, Jan. 17 at home in a conference game to improve to 6-11 overall and 2-4 in Region VII-2A.

Carvers Bay led most of the first quarter with junior shooting guard Montenius Bromell giving the team a 9-point lead, with the Bears leading 15-13. The Bears defense held up in the first minutes of the second quarter, but Andrews junior point guard Antwan Gasque turned the tables at the 6:32 mark of the game with his fellow teammates following with layups, free throws and a 3-point shot from junior point guard Xavier Eddy with 1:45 to go. Andrews closed out the second quarter leading 23-21 into the break.

Carvers Bay power forward Ronald Weaver opened the third quarter with an easy layup. The quarter moved back and forth between the teams with Carvers Bay capitalizing on Andrews' failed misses with a 19-13 run, with Bears sophomore point guard Tevin Young shooting a 3-pointer with .4 left to go. Carvers Bay took back the lead, closing the quarter with a 40-37 lead.

On Andrews' next possession, junior shooting guard Rodney Giles Jr. tried to close the gap with seven minutes left in the game with Andrews behind, 40-39. The true moment of the last quarter came when Carvers Bay took the lead with senior power forward David Rutledge capitalizing on one free throw with 20 seconds to go. Gasque scored a 3-pointer with 11 seconds to go but it wasn't enough as Bears freshman point guard Tony Bell hit two free throws to ice the game.

Even though Carvers Bay won, Carvers Bay head coach Jeff Mezzatesta said that their inexperience was almost their undoing in the game.

“A win’s always good. We’ve had a couple of close ones with this young group and we’re trying to get better,” Mezzatesta said. “We had only four guys with varsity experience returning from last year.”

Coach Mezzatesta said that most of their players are freshman and sophomores and have little experience next to Andrews varsity team but persisted in the end to win the game.

“A lot of what they’re doing is trying to learn to get better and trying to get better every day. It’s been a long process and the kids are trying and they’re working. They’re eight points away from having five regions win and that’s real frustrating,” Coach Mezzatesta said.

However, he said that he is proud of his kids’ performance and will to win and will strive to keep practicing. Andrews head coach Rodney Giles said that his team was really hurt by their missed free throws and layups and told his boys that they need to keep fighting throughout the game.

“There were a lot of things happening on the court. They put pressure on us, and we had to deal with their footing, we were getting frustrated,” Coach Giles said.

Carvers Bay sophomore point guard Tevin Young put up 18 points followed by senior center Walter Washington with 10 points. Javon Walker added eight points.

On Andrews' side, junior shooting guard Kevin Shannon carried his team with 15 points followed by Gasque and Giles with 10 points each.