Rutledge moves past defense

David Rutledge moves past Carvers Bay defense and brings home the final touchdown in Friday’s night game.

The Andrews Yellow Jackets are now 4-1 on the season after winning the Friday, Oct. 4, game against Carvers Bay Bears 49-6.

At the 8:38 mark of the opening quarter, Yellow Jackets quarterback Francis Brown passed to R.J. Giles for a completion, Giles fumbled the ball, which picked up by MJ Bromell at the Carvers Bay 13 yard line.

The Bears lost nine yards on the possession and Andrews again received the ball on a punt.

After a second Yellow Jackets fumble, this time by Eli Durham, Bell again recovered the ball and ran it into the end zone, with Carvers Bay gaining its and first and only touchdown of the night.

The PAT was no good and Bears were leading the game, 6-0.

The Yellow Jackets then turned the game around with full back Kendrick Williams running for a 48-yard touchdown in the last three minutes of the first quarter.

The PAT was blocked, and the quarter ended with the score tied 6-6.

The second quarter started with Andrews gaining ground through Carvers Bay defense with Carvers Bay calling a timeout.

Yellow Jackets made their way down field when at the 6:45 mark fullback Keshaun Williams carried both a 5-yard touchdown and a two-point conversion, giving Andrews a 14-6 lead one the scoreboard.

The Bears received the ball but punted the ball back to Andrew at the 34-yard line.

With less than 20 seconds left in the half, Williams ran for are 9-yard touchdown and complete PAT run with Yellow Jackets finishing the half ahead 22-6.

“We just got to keep getting the ball,” Andrews Head coach Scott Durham said at halftime.

“We are going keep pounding it in there, that’s what we going to do, ain’t no point changing and getting crazy.”

To start the second half, the Yellow Jackets moved down the field and Williams carried the ball in for a score from 7 yards out and he complete two-point conversion run at the 4:40 mark, giving the Yellow Jackets a 30-6 advantage.

Andrews’ Demetrius McCray then intercepted the ball for a 32-yard touchdown, giving the Jackets a lead, 36-6, after the PAT was no good.

Another interception on a Carvers Bay play led to Andrews’ Williams gaining his touchdown of the night with a 53-yard run.

But Yellow Jackets fullback David Rutledge added to the score by earning a 2-yard touchdown and a complete PAT by Andrew Brandon ended the scoring with Yellow Jackets winning, 49-6.

Kendrick Williams earned 122 yards rushing with two touchdowns and Keshaun Williams added 86 yards rushing and three touchdowns on the night.

Andrews Yellow Jackets will be taking the game on the road to face the Kingstree Jaguars (1-4).

Carvers Bay Bears is going to face Hannah-Pamplico Raiders (3-3) on the road on October 11.