On May 18, Andrews High School won the gold medal in the state Unified State Championship. This organization blends regular education students with special education students and they compete together on the same team.

"It was a wonderful event where the competitors worked hard but cheered on everyone," coach James Rowell said. "As a coach in this state for over 20 years, it was one of the most impressive events I have ever watched."

In all, the team received 31 individual medals.

The following students received gold medals in individual events: Nathan Goude, Markell Brown, Andrew Brandon, Blake Rimmer, Ansley Harrington, Victoria Rowell, Sayshaun Safford, Qaumaine Brown, Josh Gibson, and Dayton Maglich.

The following team members received silver medals in individual events: Dayton Maglich, Joe Blake, Markell Brown, Qaumaine Brown, Dacie Smith, Ansley Harrington, and Andrew Brandon.

The following students received Bronze Medals: Dayton Maglich, Sayshaun Stafford, and Josh Gibson.