Robert Higbe IV

Robert Higbe IV, right, stands proudly with the golf ball that got him his second hole in one next to Christian Newton who witnessed the hole.

On Monday Jan.6, Robert Higbe IV had his second hole in one. Higbe, 14-years old, is a 9th grader at Andrews High School. Robert was at practice when the hole in one was accomplished. The golfers were running stations and one of the stations is to play holes 1-4.

After hitting their tee shots on #3, Higbe said that he didn't know what happened until Christian Newton told him.

"I couldn't find my ball, I hit it good and over the tree-line, but I didn't see it anywhere," Higbe said. "When Christian walked up to the hole, my ball was in the hole."

"I am extremely proud of Robert,"Andrews Head Golf Coach Walt Poston said. Ironically enough, Coach Poston said he had his second hole in one on the same hole. However, that accomplishment happened when he was an adult while Higbe is only 14 years old. 

"With his competitiveness and ability, I know he will continue to accomplish great things," Coach Poston said, "Since Robert has been very active in the First Tee Program, I would like to thank Georgetown County School District and Cherry Hill Country Club for allowing our young people the opportunity to learn a great game while practicing the 9 core values. This is proof that these types of programs make a difference in the lives of our young people. "

Club hit:


Hole that he made the hole in one on:

#3, Men's Tee, Cherry Hill Country Club, Andrews, SC 330 yd Par 4