Two Yellow Jacket students are now officially on their way after graduating in this May. Andrews High seniors Francis Brown and Ty’Jon Wragg were a part of the varsity football team this past season and will be attending Myrtle Beach Prep Academy in August of this year. Andrews football head coach Scott Durham congratulated both teens on their accomplishment.

“These two guys have been a big part of our school and our athlete program for our community for the last four years. They’ve done well in the hallways, in the classroom, in the community and on the football field,” Durham said. “It’s a tremendous opportunity for them and we look forward to watching these guys grow and play over the next few years.”

Andrews principal Dr. Paula Anderson congratulated both men on their next step in life and called them great example in their community.

“These young men not only are they are athletic, but they are exemplary role models,” Anderson said. “Their extraordinary young men and we are so proud of you.”

Both players said one of the great thing about going to the school is the proximity of the location to their homes and family. Brown, who served as quarterback on the varsity team, said that they both choose to go to the same school together and hopes to do his best at the academy.

“I’m hoping for is to work my butt off and put in some good work so hopefully another school will pick me up,” Brown said.

Wragg, who was an offensive lineman for the Yellow Jackets, said he was uncertain of going to the school but quickly changed his mind when he met with the faculty and toured the school.

“The coaches are good, where we going to be at is good,” Wragg said. “It’s a good opportunity and a great start.”