With the smells of southern breakfast wafting through the air, the Kiwanis Club of Georgetown was formed at the Ball and Cue restaurant on August 2.

“Serving the children of the world,” is the motto of the Kiwanis organization. Made up of over 700,000 volunteers across the globe, Kiwanis was established in 1915 and now exists in over 79 nations and geographic locations. Kiwanis offers three adult clubs focused on serving the community through over 150,000 service projects every year. They also offer three youth clubs with a focus on community service, civic engagement and leadership through a variety of age-based programs.

Mike Kirchner, a Kiwanis Club Building Coordinator from Shallotte, NC ran the meeting and assisted in the basic points of order in creating the new club chapter. Seventeen representatives of local organizations were present at the inaugural meeting, many of which are charter members.

According to Kirchner, the Kiwanis Club of Georgetown is relatively unique as a result of the many non-profit organizations already represented among the initial charter members. One of those was Denise Chatman of Optimism Preventive Services, another child-focused organization. She was selected as the president for the inaugural year of Kiwanis Club of Georgetown.

“I know this is going to be a challenge and a great journey and I’m excited about it,” Chatman said. “Thank you very much for trusting me. This is a heavy task. I’m looking forward to it.”

Maurice Cobb, Principal of Kensington Elementary School, Troy Moss of Troy Moss and Associates, and Raphael Carr of the Geogetown County Alcohol/Drug Abuse Commission were selected as Board members. Additionally, Shelley Brown of Active Day Center was selected as President-elect and Tracey Miller, Pawleys Island Kiwanis Dual Member, will serve as the Secretary.

Miller is part of the Kiwanis chapter that already exists in Pawleys Island. Several members were present and provided some guidance and information as charter members worked through initial decisions.

The organization chose to the Georgetown Kraft Credit Union as their financial institution.

Now that the organization has been formed, they are open to new members. Those interested in joining Kiwanis Club of Georgetown are encouraged to contact Denise Chatman at Optimism Preventive Services by calling 843-485-4006.