U.S. Rep. Tom Rice


As evaluations are completed regarding potential damage from Hurricane Dorian, a recent United States Department of Housing and Urban Development announcement is a stark reminder of the challenges that can be associated with recovery.

Just recently, Congressman Tom Rice’s stated HUD will release mitigation funding related to flood associated with Hurricane Matthew from 2015.

“We worked tirelessly to ensure the release of this funding, which is welcome news for South Carolinians who are still rebuilding from natural disasters while preparing for the possibility of future storm,” Rice said. “Mitigating future storm impacts is an essential aspect of the recovery process, and we will continue to be persistent in ensuring our community has the resources to completely rebuild and implement proactive mitigation projects.”

As coastal residents wrap their minds around recovery from Dorian, the federal government will be providing South Carolina with $157 in “mitigation funding” as a result of Hurricane Matthew. According to Rice’s office, the money “can be used in areas impacted by recent disasters to carry out long-term strategic and high-impact activities to mitigate disaster risks and reduce future losses.”

The funding can be utilized to support “high-impact projects” with a focus on reducing risks associated with natural disasters with an emphasis on chronic issues. It can be used to enhance the ability of local and State agencies to analyze disaster risks and update hazard mitigation plans using data and community engagement.

Policies that reflect regional priorities with long-term effects on communities can find financial support with this money as well as maximizing available funding by leveraging private-public partnerships and coordination with Federal programs.

Rice’s office was not able to provide any particular plans for the funds at this time. While the funds are arriving nearly four years after Hurricane Matthew, Georgetown residents may have time to persuade Rice how to use these funds in the wake of Dorian.

You can reach Rep. Rice’s office through his website at rice.house.gov.