Jim Watkins and Roxie

The Rev. Dr. Jim Watkins and Roxie

“Hi Roxie. The new year is upon us and it has started out as scary and as crazy as the last year ended. I wish there was some good news to latch onto.”

“I’ve got some good news for you; the story of Kai.”

‘Kai. Who or what is Kai?”

“Kai is a canine, a Husky. She shares living quarters with a human couple and a Great Dane. They live on the mainland side of Pawley’s Creek, not too far from here. Her humans were out of town and another human was staying with Kai and the Great Dane. (I’ve been thinking about starting a large canine support group. We are so misunderstood and that hurts. But, that’s another story.) Anyway, one night someone apparently tried to break through the fence that surrounds Kai’s home. We don’t know for sure what happened, The lock on the fence gate was damaged and the gate was left opened. The next morning, the human who was staying there discovered the damaged gate. To her horror, she also discovered that Kai was gone!”

“Had she been dognaped?”

“No, there was no sign of that. She and the Great Dane can take care of themselves. The humans who share the home permanently with Kai were called and they returned from out of town. The search began. Kai’s humans went door to door. Social media picked up the story. Three days after her disappearance, Kai was spotted on the south end of Pawleys Island. Kai’s humans rushed to the Island. No Kai on the south end. Then a police officer spotted Kai trying to swim across the creek. She had entered the creek near the chapel. That is midway on the Island. Now Pawleys Island creek is a very wide. It is a tidal creek with water and marsh. At it’s widest point it is probably a half mile across. Maybe her homing instinct had finally kicked in. Her compass was pointing toward her home on the other side of the creek. Kai was in trouble. It was frigid. Hyperthermia was creeping through her body. She was thrashing around, struggling to stay above water,”

“Go on. Don’t leave me hanging. What happened next?”

“Sorry, had to pant. The police officer got a kayak. By this time Kai was really struggling. One of Kai’s humans also got a kayak. A neighbor got a paddle board. Another neighbor got a John Boat. They all converged on Kai.”

“And then.....”

“Sorry had to pant again. Working together they got Kai into her human’s kayak. Kai was brought to shore and wrapped in blankets and love. I’m told that she slept for three days. Now she is back to her old self.”

“Wow., Roxie! That is good news! I needed that. By the way what does Kai mean?”

“Glad you asked. I wondered the same thing. Turns out it is a universal name. Many cultures share it. In Chinese it means victory. In Swedish, rejoice. In Swahili, lovable. In Turkish, strong. In Scottish, fire. In Hawaiian, sea. It seems to me that Kai, the Husky, could be called all those things.”

“Amen, Roxie. During happy hour, let’s toast Kai and her rescuers.”

The Rev. Dr. Jim Watkins and Roxie.