Jim and Roxie (copy)

The Rev. Dr. Jim Watkins and Roxie

“Welcome home Jim. Ya”ll just got back from helping out with the grandkids. Every time you are with them you learn something. Out of the mouths of pups.... What did you learn this time?”

“As I’ve shared before, the only thing in life not overrated, is being a grandparent. However, the first thing I learned on this trip didn’t come from a grandchild. It came from an old friend. Whenever we’re in Decatur, my friend Sandy and I have coffee. We met in the first grade and went through elementary school, high school and college together. He was in my wedding and I was in his.” “I remember. What did you learn from Sandy?”

“It really wasn’t something I learned as much as it was something he reminded of. Sandy has a PhD in math. He is into gadgets and obscure information. He showed me the last thirty seconds of the science fiction movie classic, “The Blob”. He had recorded it on his cell phone.” “What?” “The Blob was a movie Sandy and I saw a long time ago.” “Once again I’m struck by how strange human behavior can be. Tell me about the movie and its ending.”

“The Blob was an alien creature from outer space. It was a big blue thing. It looked kind of like a huge mound of play dough. It moved like a tidal wave swallowing up people. As it ate people, it got bigger and bigger. It could not be killed. Nothing could stop the Blob. Finally, it was discovered that cold slowed it down. The freeze dried Blob was dispatched to the Arctic where is would remain frozen, like a glacier. The last thirty seconds of the film is a conversation between the main characters. ‘Do you think it is finally over?’ one asks. Another looks out on the horizon. ‘As long as the Arctic is frozen’ was the reply.”

“Wow. Well Jim, the Arctic is becoming unfrozen, isn’t it?” “It is Roxie. It was eerie. The movie scene was like a modern parable, a warning. The Earth is heating up and not too far in the future unless we make some changes, another Blob will eat us all up.”

“That’s pretty heavy. What was the second thing you experienced?”

“As you know, when we go to Decatur, we stay in the “Tree House”. “I know. Somehow you’ve turned a garage apartment behind your son’s house into a home for Tarzan. Does Mary go by her middle name, Jane, when she is in the “Tree House” with you? “ “No. That would be silly. Stop chuckling and rolling your eyes. The “Tree House” doesn’t have a doorbell. Instead, we have a ship’s bell.”

“Emmie, our youngest grandchild is three. She is precocious, curious, into everything. One morning I was sleeping late. Mary was up and had gone for a morning walk. All of a sudden a CLANG, CLANG, CLANG woke me. I went to the door in my pajamas I’m tempted to paraphrase Groucho Marx and wonder how the door got in my pajamas. But I won’t. Emmie was standing in the doorway. She looked at me and asked, ‘Why are you still sleeping?’”

“So, what does Emmie have to do with the Blob and the the thawing of the Arctic and the heating the Earth?” “Roxie, it iwas another modern parable; hard on the heels of the first parable. Future generations are wondering, why, in the face of this growing global threat, don’t we get up and do something?”

The Rev. Dr. Jim Watkins and Roxie live in Pawleys Island.