$ 177 Million Lottery Windfall

The politicians in Columbia decided to give this money to the taxpayers in the form of $50 checks. That’s Nice. But it will cost the State $600,000.00 to cut the checks and mail them. That’s over half a million dollars. I wrote and suggested that they give us a $50 tax credit that we could use when calculating our taxes in April. That way they don’t waste the $600,000.00 but the politicians wanted to “score points” with the voters.

How about applying that to the $24 billion( with a ‘B’) shortfall in the State Employees Retirement Fund? This wasn’t even considered on the list of Legislature Priorities. No one in Columbia, from the Governor on down, is addressing this $24 BILLION problem; they are kicking it down the road-again.

Hey folks, that missing money isn’t to come back on it’s own!

Bill Ofsanik

Murells Inlet, S.C.

Personal choice

The Oct 3 letter, “Solar Panels,” laments a Georgetown City Council regulation that establishes a $50 monthly charge, and sets the rate for solar energy sold to the utility below what the utility charges their customers. Due to the high cost of solar, the only reason there is a market for home solar energy is the 25% state and 30% federal tax credit; to be eliminated by 2022. The solar homeowner has the option of buying storage for excess energy generated during the day that can then be used at night. Taxpayers and utility customers should, however, not be required to financially contribute to those homeowner’s personal choice.

Philip Holberton

Traditions Subdivision

Litchfield, Georgetown County