To Voters in District 2 of Georgetown County..in Georgetown and Pawleys Island,

What a beautiful part of the world you live in. My wife and I lived in the Pawleys for over 22 years and although we do not live there now, our hears are still with you.

What growth you/we have seen on the Waccamaw Neck and all of Georgetown County.

Managing this growth while protecting/controllingit...is a job that many do not want...Want is the key word...and you have a candidate in the June 9 Primary...who WANTS...the JOB!

Bob Anderson is his name. If we could vote in the Primary, he would have our VOTE!

WHY...first, he WANTS IT....for the betterment of ALL in Georgetown County...not just District 2.

He and his wife Karol are committed citizens in Georgetown County. Bob served on County Council in the past and he knows the inner workings of local government...but ...more important....he CARES about the community and its future.

We are asking you to support...Bob Anderson....on June 9, for District 2 County Council Seat.

Thank you and God Bless,

Jim and Joyce Jerow



I’m writing this letter to inform everyone to go vote on June 9th for Mrs. Allison Peteet. This lady goes above and beyond to assist our community. The love and dedication that she gives to our communities to stay updated regarding important information to events. She is absolutely AMAZING! If you send question or concern to her she always reply within a timely manner. We appreciate Mrs. Allison with her upcoming election and wish her all the best.

Holly Elliott



Dear Editor,

I would like to submit a letter to the Editor to endorse Allison S. Peteet for Georgetown County Treasurer .

I supported Allison S. Peteet in her last election and have been very impressed with not only the work and help she has provided in making necessary changes to the Georgetown County Treasurers Office.

I have also been impressed in her role to Communicate to Georgetown County Residents in times of concern. Like our Floods, Hurricanes and Cova-19.

This helps to have easy communication shared that is exactly to the point of needed information.

Please Georgetown County Voters, I ask that on June 9, 2020, you VOTE Allison S. Peteet, Yes on your Ballot.

Sincerely yours,

Paula Ford==Georgetown County Voter



Dear Editor,

I am writing today in regards to an individual that excels in her position, her community, and goes above and beyond at all times in regards to making sure that citizens are well informed. I would like to ask all to get out and vote for Alllison Sippel Peteet and re-elect her to her current position as Georgetown County Treasurer. Her excellence in community and her work ethic has been a beacon to us all in the past few years. From keeping us up to date with County information, to keeping us up to date when we have storms, floods, or pandemics, Mrs Peteet goes way over her required duty!

Georgetown County, I Kevin Jayroe, local realtor and co owner of Bienvenue Home and Swamp Fox tours in Georgetown SC gives a 100% YES for Allison Sippel Peteet to be re-elected Georgetown County Treasurer. She listens, helps, and is someone that we want to continue to keep in office to soar! Please support her with your vote in the upcoming election!


Kevin Jayroe. Georgetonian


Re-elect Allison Sippel Peteet for Treasurer

Rarely do you find a candidate, running for office, who remains true to their calling. I would like to thank Mrs. Peteet for her service as Treasurer of our county. Since taking office, her department is more efficient and accessible. Lines are shorter and questions are quickly answered, without delay. I’ve had several dealings with her and always find her to go above and beyond in helping people. She has been very active, on social media, keeping the public informed with events effecting our county and state, such as the weather and Covid 19. Mrs. Peteet is an asset to our county, and I would love to see her term renewed. Remember to go out and vote, in the primary, on June 9th...and let’s keep Allison Sippel Peteet in office as our treasurer.

Ariane Lieberman

Pawleys Island


The purpose of this letter is to endorse the re-election of Allison Sippel Peteet as Treasurer of Georgetown County. As many of you know, Allison has been serving in this position for several years so she will bring the experience, knowledge and leadership necessary to continue serving in this position. The staff in her department have been well trained in offering the best and most courteous service available under her direction. I personally know Allison to be a person of the highest moral character filled with honesty, and integrity who will continue serving her constituents to the best of her abilities as she has always done.

Above all else, I urge every registered voted to cast their vote for the candidate of their choice in the June 9th Primary. This years election is one of the most important elections of our lifetime on the local, state and federal levels. So let’s show how much we appreciate the opportunity to vote by going to the polls to cast our vote on June 9, 2020.

Respectfully yours,

Edna C. Yarborough

Murrells Inlet


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In the upcoming June 9th Republican primary, I encourage all Georgetown County voters to cast their ballot for Miriam Mace in the Treasurer’s race. Most recently, she has been an outstanding member of the Assessor’s staff after having served ten years previously in the Auditor’s office. Miriam is the best candidate for that office and I will give you an insider perspective as to why.

For the casual voting populace, interactions between departments are of little concern, boring perhaps, but those interactions give rise to efficient management, cost reductions and, in the end, the prospect of lower tax rates. While every department conducts its activities independently, efficiency is accentuated when departments interact smoothly. That concept is especially true in the case of the Auditor, Assessor and Treasurer departments.

From my office in the courthouse, I see that interaction play out on a daily basis. In so many circumstances it has been deficient. Many factors contribute to this fluid interdependence on one another: knowledge, communication and respect… respect for one’s staff, respect for the staff of other departments, and respect for other department heads. In each case, Miriam Mace has been exceptional.

Georgetown County residents have been fortunate to have had Miriam working for them for the last 23 years. They will be equally fortunate when she is your Treasurer.

Brian D. Shult

Georgetown County Auditor



Georgetown County Council candidate Bob Anderson is right: County Council is asleep at the wheel in managing growth.

Ron Charlton and the rest of County Council have approved thousands of residential units on the Waccamaw Neck that are just waiting to be built. One project, Arcadia East, has 3,400 approved units. It’s projected that each unit could add up to 10 trips a day on an already congested Highway 17.

What was Charlton thinking when he voted for this?

Even worse, County Council let a land use plan move forward without a word that would allow developers almost unlimited building density. Only because of Bob Anderson’s efforts did the Planning Commission withdraw the plan for now.

Charlton and the rest of County Council are letting growth by far exceed our infrastructure. It’s time this stops. Bob Anderson will put citizens and our quality of life first on County Council, not developers and other special interests.

Bob has my support in the June 9th Republican Primary.

Tom Leis

T.W. Leis ( Tom)

Switch to healthy food

Dear Editor:

Massive slaughterhouse closures are driving U.S. consumers to plant-based meat products, as sick workers pay the price.

Tyson Foods, JBS USA, and Smithfield Foods, the largest meat processors, have closed 17 plants, devastating rural communities and threatening the nation’s meat supply. Production is already down by 25 percent.

In reaction, U.S. sales of plant-based meats surged by 265 percent. Shares of Beyond Meat, a prominent plant-based meat brand, rallied by 60 percent.

A Washington Post investigation found that coronavirus outbreaks in 48 U.S. meat packing plants have sickened at least 3,300 workers and killed 17.

In addition to the generally accepted consumer health argument for avoiding animal food products, the pandemic has now added the worker health element. Production of plant-based meats requires much less labor and allows for physical distancing.

We can all support the switch to healthy food on our next visit to our supermarket.


Gary Tipton



To the Editor:

My name is Dean Smith and I am the Chairman of the Georgetown County Board of Voter Registration and Elections. I am writing to urge qualified voters to vote absentee by mail in the Primary Election being held on June 9, 2020. A number of poll workers have indicated that they are unwilling to work the election at this time. Compounding this problem is the fact that some polling locations are unwilling to host this election. Polling locations may have to be consolidated resulting in longer wait times for voters. Voting absentee by mail will help the voting process go more smoothly and will benefit both voters and poll workers.

So how do you vote by mail? In South Carolina you must request that an absentee ballot application be sent to you or you can print your own application from the internet at: https://www.scvotes.org/absentee-voting. The website explains the absentee voting process and there is a link to download an absentee application. You can also call the county Elections Office at 843-545-3339 and request that an application be sent to you.

The state of South Carolina requires you to provide a reason you are requesting an absentee ballot. There are 17 reasons for voting absentee such as being 65 or older, having a physical disability, having to work, being in the military, or out of town. The complete list of reasons is on the //scvotes.org/absentee-voting webpage.

Voting in person or curbside will likely be more difficult during this time. I urge you to help the voting process by skipping voting in person and voting absentee by mail instead. Thank you.

Dean Smith


I support Allison Sippell Peteet in her candidacy for re-election as treasurer of Georgetown County. She has done so much to improve the operations of that office and by that, the county. Allison has brought cost savings by implementing efficiencies, cleaning up the tax rolls, and signing a new banking contract for the county. She has cross-trained staff, while learning each of the duties herself so that she could find ways to improve the policies and procedures of the office. This serves the public as it has shortened lines and made the time spent dealing with the office much less frustrating. Allison has worked on establishing better relationships with other departments, to assist the county as a whole. Most importantly, she has shown her heart by ensuring she is available to all taxpayers, especially those with special needs, making accommodations so all are served equally. Georgetown County has been fortunate to have her in that role and I encourage all to vote June 9th to re-elect Allison Sippell Peteet to continue her mission for our great county. Thank you.

Sara Sowell

Pawleys Island