Our extended family has been vacationing at Pawleys Island every summer for the past 29 years. We had a frightening experience on this year’s annual trip. On Monday, July 15, our 4our-year-old son, grandson, great grandson, nephew and cousin, Luke, was not in his room when his mother checked on him while he was napping. Luke has autism and requires continuous supervision, since he likes to open doors and take off running.

After a search of the house, Luke’s parents and extended family began searching outside, in the other family beach house, on the beach, in the streets…..911 was called, neighbors on the beach and in nearby houses all joined in the search for our missing boy. The response of the Georgetown County Rescue: fire department, ambulance, sheriff’s department, SWAT team, Pawleys Island police department was overwhelming. The search lasted about an hour, and even the bloodhound, Diesel, and his handlers, came to help. The house was searched three times – once by EMS and twice by family members. There wasn’t a sign of Luke.

Many prayers were being prayed, obviously. Suddenly, Maggie, Luke’s fourteen-year-old cousin, searching the house one more time, found Luke asleep, under some towels inside a bathroom cabinet (which had been checked before!).

Needless to say, there was tremendous relief and rejoicing!

Our family was deeply touched by the outpouring of resources and effort to find one little boy. The kindness and professionalism of all the first responders will never be forgotten.

We want to say thank you to everyone who joined in the search for Luke. You are our heroes, and we are deeply grateful.

From our hearts,

The Summers Family

Charlottesville, Virginia