I have many fond memories of the beach at Pawleys Island. And now 40 years later I still like to go to the "beach" occasionally. But parking has become so difficult that we often end up at Litchfield beach. Litchfield is a nice beach too, but it's not Pawleys and it doesn't hold the same memories.

With the exception of the extreme south end, which is not where I wish to go, there are only about 25 to 30 public parking spaces. You must arrive very early or be very lucky to find a vacant space in one of the two public accesses on the north portion of the island. I understand that, but what really irritates me is to find a golf cart in one of those very few and precious public spaces. It seems so unfair and wrong for someone vacationing on the island or for someone who lives there full time to drive their little golf cart from their house or rental and then occupy a rare public parking space.

Because they are there overnight they are able to load their cart with chairs and other beach needs and then drive to one of those spaces early before any of the general public arrives. I think this is wrong and should be against parking regulations on the island. I suspect may others would agree with this. I ask that the Town of Pawleys Island make the parking of golf carts in a public space against the law and that violators be ticketed and fined.

Carey Williamson