Day at the Beach

Thank you Mark Lazarus.

Clear, cool splashing water on a hot, humid day gave over 260 foster children (and foster parents) in Horry and Georgetown Counties a wonderful afternoon this summer. Thanks to Mark Lazarus at Wild Water and Wheels, Karen Pierce, Brenda, Tanner and staff, children were also treated to a hot dog/pizza lunch. For over 25 years, Mr. Lazarus has generously hosted the children. My heartfelt thanks goes to him for his continuing commitment to give the children a Day at the Beach by entertaining them and including lunch.

In 2005, Tipper Gore remarked, “If people don’t have the time or commitment to be foster parents, there are opportunities, they can host a recreational event by reaching out and letting these children know there is someone to nurture them.”

“Swimming, wading and eating were the day’s events.” Many foster children do not have the opportunity for outings, which are limited due to financial constraints since the basics of food and clothing come first in foster families. The adventure at the beach enjoying Wild Water and Wheels’ Wading Pool, Lazy River and Wave Area are just a few of the wonderful, exciting things that the children experience.

Children who have experienced neglect and abuse through no fault of their own are in a safe home in foster care and have a day to look forward to compliments of Mark Lazarus. I hear the excited comments as I plan this annual event and listen to the children as they have their arm bands attached as they enter the water park, as they eat their lunch and see the happy, tired faces as they leave.

Hosting this annual event for many years, Mark Lazarus has given the Day at the Beach to foster children (over 3600), who have enjoyed the event supervised by foster parents, volunteers and Department of Social Service social workers who give up their weekend time. Karen in Marketing, food court staff and lifeguards offer a warm welcome and wonderful experience to each child.

Children from Horry and Georgetown County foster homes, Managed Treatment Services and the Waccamaw Youth Center are included. As a therapist and adoption social worker in private practice and a former foster parent, I appreciate this support and willingness “to make a difference” in the lives of foster children.

Te Anne Oehler

Myrtle Beach

Sell Santee Cooper


I’m sure you’ve seen the news coverage of the laughable “refund” checks arriving in former SCANA customers’ mailboxes. While the amount on the checks doesn’t bring real relief to their customers, it’s kind of shocking to think that Santee Cooper direct, co-op, and municipal customers like me still have more than $4 billion to pay for the failed V.C. Summer nuclear project that we’ll never benefit from.

SCANA customers have been paying heavily for years. Their rates increased right away to start paying down the V.C. Summer debt. We Santee Cooper, co-op and municipal customers haven’t been hit yet. Sure, we’ve seen slight increases in our power bills, but they are a drop in the bucket to what’s coming.

Santee Cooper executives admitted in a SC State Senate hearing last spring that our power bills will go up by 15% to cover the nuclear debt, and will stay that way for decades. The kicker? That 15% hasn’t been added to our bills yet.

SCANA customers saw no real relief, but it doesn’t have to be that way for Santee Cooper customers. The legislature will soon have three options for what to do with Santee Cooper. There is only one option that removes the debt burden from Santee Cooper, co-op and municipal customers’ shoulders, and that is selling Santee Cooper. I don’t know about you, but that sounds like real relief to me.

Lee Padgett