Tax commission

Members of the county Capital Project Sales Tax Commission are meeting “virtually” each week as they review projects throughout the county. The “wish list” currently has more than $418 million in projects. That list will need to be cut by about half before recommendations are finalized in July.

Despite all the closures related to the COVID-19 pandemic, work goes on in many ways.

One of those ways includes ongoing meetings and number-crunching by the Georgetown County Capital Project Sales Tax Commission (CPST).

The six commissioners have put together a “wish list” of 105 projects for the county with an estimated cost of at least $418 million.

All the commissioners know that the project list needs to be pared down considerably in order to have a group of projects for voters to consider in a planned November referendum.

Georgetown County Council members several months ago approved the idea of having a vote in November to raise the money necessary to pay for an array of capital projects.

Under South Carolina law, a county seeking to implement a sales tax has to follow a set of guidelines.

Among the guidelines is establishing a commission whose purpose is to gather and review ideas for projects. The six commissioners represent the City of Georgetown, Town of Andrews and the remainder of the county.

Commission members are:

• Danisha McClary of Andrews, Commission Chairwoman

• Nate Fata of Pawleys Island, Vice Chairman

• Dr. Craig Lieberman of Pawleys Island

• Kennedy “Kenny” Johnson of Browns Ferry

• Harry C. Tiller of Georgetown

• Talicia McCants of Georgetown

Along with input from members of the public and county staff, the commissioners have been looking over suggested projects. The county’s Web site

has a section dedicated to the Capital Project Sales Tax. Many of the ideas the CPST is now considering came from people who used the forms available on the Web site to submit ideas.

There are many road resurfacing projects throughout the county. There are also multiple projects on the working – tentative – list for work at boat landings.

Commissioners have decided to meet weekly for the time being so they may share updates on the various projects.

You may view a current spreadsheet on the Web site to see a brief description of each of the projects, the person or entity that suggested the project, the commissioner who is reviewing the recommendation, and estimated capital costs and ongoing O&M (Operations and Maintenance) costs.

The projects listed below were on a spreadsheet before the meeting that was to be held Monday, May 4. These meeting and other meetings are being held “virtually” with a livestream on the county’s Facebook page, “Georgetown County, S.C.” You may watch the meetings live at 6 p.m., or find the video later on the Facebook page.

Major projects

Among the major project recommendations are:

• New Detention Center, $40 Million

• Road resurfacing, county roads, $6.5M

• Road resurfacing, w/SC DOT, $24M

• New DSS building, $4.7M

• New connector, Brick Chimney Rd. (2 phases), $20M

• Murrells Inlet Dredging, $15M

• Beach Renourishment, Garden City, $7.8M

• Beach Renourishment, Litchfield, $13.9M

• Bike paths, 5 segments, $7.8M

• Inner harbor dredging, Sampit River 15-foot depth, $26.3M

• County airports, $2.3M

• Public boat landings, 19 projects

• Parks and Recreation, multiple projects (see spreadsheet)

• Plantersville and Annie Village fire protection, water lines, $3M

• City of Georgetown, basin flood mitigation, 3 projecs, $10M

• City of Georgetown, Wastewater Treatment and water lines, 10 projects, $12.5M

• Sampit Rec/Senior Center, $6M

• Sampit Sewer project, $7.6M

• Bike Paths, City of Georgetown, $5M

• Aquatics Center, $25M

• St. Luke/Rose Hill Sewer, $2.9M

• St. Luke/Rose Hill fire protection water lines, $1.4M

• North Santee water, sewer, recreation, $5.3M

• Bike Path, Northwest, $29.7M

• Sandy Island dredging, $5M

• Murrells Inlet Streetscape, $9.5M

• Sewer system, Carvers Bay/Pleasant Hill, $9.7M

• County fire improvements, $2.2M

• Magnolia Beach heritage park, $15M

• Petigru Bike Path, $2.3M

• Murrells Inlet history park, $3.5M

• Andrews Water & Sewer, $11M

• Andrews Flood Control, $5M

• Andrews Road Projects, $3M

• Bike Paths, N & S Causeways, Pawleys, $2.1M

Commissioners expect to be working to prioritize these and the other projects on their list over the coming weeks.

They plan to submit their recommendations to County Council in time for its approval and then sending the language for the referendum on to the Election office in time to be placed on the November ballot.