Scoville, Barber, Kimbrough and Jayroe win in Georgetown election

Carol Jayroe, Ed Kimbroiugh, Neal Swann and Debbie Jayroe enjoy a celebration party Tuesday evening

Georgetown Mayor Jack Scoville was narrowly elected to a second term Tuesday by defeating challenging Republican Richard Powers.

County Elections Director Donna Mahn said nearly 38-percent of the city's registered voters cast a ballot Tuesday – up from the 26-percent that voted in the last municipal election in 2011.

Scoville received 1,092 votes Tuesday while Powers received 1,052 votes.

The news was not good for two of the three incumbents seeking reelection to their city council seats. Both Jeanette Ard and Paige Sawyer were defeated. Brendon Barber was the only incumbent successful in being reelected.

Republican newcomers Carol Jayroe and Ed Kimbrough were elected to council seats and will be sworn into office in January.

"I feel very good. These anonymous groups that were backing my opponent spent supposedly around $50,000. So we were outspent 10 to 1,” Scoville said. “And when you think about that, it's kind of amazing I won at all. So, I thank my campaign workers who worked tirelessly and the people of Georgetown who turned out to vote for me.”

Jayroe and Kimbrough enjoyed a gathering with supporters at the Rice Paddy Restaurant after their victories were announced.

Kimbrough said he is excited about the chance to serve on council although he was hoping it would have been with Powers as mayor.

“I am sorry he will not be with us but I feel going forward we can make a big difference and work with the existing city council and mayor and hopefully progress Georgetown to where it needs to be,” Kimbrough said.

Jayroe said after taking office she has some things she would like to accomplish but, for now, she is not revealing the ideas.

“We have talked about a list of priorities but I will save that for another day,” she said.

Barber said he looks forward to working with the new members of council.

“I feel blessed. This is going into my fifth term. I would like to thank all the voters for participating in the process,” Barber said, adding he wants to meet with Jayroe and Kimbrough to find ways “to take Georgetown to where it needs to be - which is superstar status.”

The votes tallies in the council race:

The votes were as follows:

 Jayroe — 1,048

 Barber — 988

 Kimbrough — 990

 Sawyer — 966

 Ard — 951

 Simmons — 852

Three elected to Andrews Town Council

There were three Andrews Town Council seats on Tuesday's ballot.

Eddie Lee, David Tisdale and Sudha Patel were elected to the seats. Lee received 307 votes while Tisdale received 264 and Patel picked up 248 votes. Terrance Middleton,  230 votes. Thomas Alford, 200 votes.

Mahn said there were some challenged ballots in Andrews so those will have to be discussed before the results can be certified. The meeting will take place at 10 a.m. Thursday.