A 35-year-old man from Cheraw, who told police he has mental issues, was arrested after trying to climb the fence of the U.S Coast Guard Station on Marina Drive.

When police arrived, the man was kneeling on the ground next to the fence. He had two suitcases and a toy BB gun.

The man said he was driven to Georgetown by a cousin.

He told police he has some mental issues but refused an offer to get medical assistance.

The man “was under the influence of some type of stimulant as his actions and behavior demonstrated,” police wrote.

He was taken to jail, charged with disorderly conduct and trespassing.

Thieves strike ice

vending machine

The “Twice the Ice” vending machine on Highmarket Street was vandalized over the weekend.

A Georgetown man stopped by the big-box ice dispenser at about 8:25 a.m. Sunday and saw the door was hanging from the frame of the building.

Police report seeing pry marks near the hinges and the door was being held up by a lock.

The change box was missing and, according to the owner who lives in Charleston, about $268 in dollar bills and change was taken.

He said about $200 worth of equipment — including the money box and a dollar bill counter was also stolen.

Police currently have no suspects in the vandalism and theft.

Mail snoopers

An employee of the Choppee Health Complex reported someone went through the center’s mail.

The worker said she went to the mailbox July 5 and saw two opened envelopes on the ground.

One was from Georgetown Hospital which contained five letters with patient information.

The second was from an insurance company.

There are no suspects.

House burglarized

A woman from Sexton Drive in Pawleys Island was visibly upset when she spoke with a deputy about her home being burglarized.

The woman said she was out of town from June 30 until July 5 and discovered the break-in when she returned.

The first thing she noticed was there were drawers open in several rooms and things were thrown all over the floor.

The woman said more than $10,000 worth of jewelry was taken.

It appeared entry was made by taking a sliding glass door off the track.

Baptism disruption

A 54-year-old Pawleys Island woman said her daughter was baptized in the pool at Pawleys Place off Pembroke Lane at about 8:30 p.m. July 5.

She said when the baptism service concluded, she left but realized she did not have a cell phone, so she returned to the pool area.

When she got back to the parking lot, a 65-year-old man ran up to her car and demanded to know if she was a Pawleys Place resident.

The woman said she stepped from the vehicle and the man put his finger in her face and used what she considered to be obscene language in the presence of her children.

The woman told the man she was there to get her phone and that her pastor is a resident of that community.

The man told a deputy there have been problems at the pool caused by people who do not live at Pawleys Place.

The man denied using obscene language.

The woman was told to see a magistrate if she wanted to pursue charges.

Information  is subject to change as the investigation proceeds. Individuals arrested and/or charged have not been convicted.— Compiled by Scott Harper