Deputies were called to a medical facility on Providence Drive in Pawleys Island Dec. 22 to take a report about a 37-year-old woman who had allegedly been taping conversations.

The worker had reportedly secretly taped conversations between her co-workers as well as between the doctor and some patients.

Another worker said she saw the suspect at work before the office opened for business and she was handing what looked to be medical files to another person.

The alleged victims were told there are federal charges that can be filed against the woman.

Woman was followed

A 44-year-old Pawleys Island woman got scared and called 911 from her vehicle when she noticed she was being followed by a man in a Dodge Ram Dec. 18

The woman said she was driving on Highway 17 near Tyson Road when she passed the man who then started following her.

She said she sped up to try to get away from him but the pursuit continued.

Once she saw a deputy she pulled over.

While the officer was talking to the woman, the man who had been following her drove up. He said the woman had “cut him off.” He also said she was speeding, running stop signs and driving recklessly.

The 62-year-old man said followed her because he was unhappy with the way she was driving.

He was advised to call the Sheriff’s Office or Highway Patrol for such incidents in the future rather than try to handle the matter himself.

Hospital gift shop theft

A worker and a security guard from Waccamaw Community Hospital met with a deputy Dec. 14 to report theft from the gift shop.

The deputy was told the gift shop was closed when a 57-year-old Conway woman walked over to a kiosk and picked up a storage bin which contained six purses, five scarves and another bag.

The woman placed the bin in some shrubs just outside the hospital door.

The alleged thief then went back and got her mother who had been treated in the emergency room. She put her mother and the bin in her car and left the property.

Stolen Subway food

More than $5,000 worth of food was reported missing from the Subway on North Fraser Street Dec. 16.

A manager said he believes a female worker is responsible for the theft.

According to the manager, a large amount of chicken, bacon and steak was discovered missing during an inventory check.

The woman he believes is responsible was in charge of the food.

The manager said he does want to pursue charges.

Van theft

A van belonging to Safe Rack near Andrews was reported stolen Dec. 20.

Workers told a deputy a car driven by a man pulled in the company parking lot and a man got out of the passenger’s side.

That man then got in the company van and drove away.

The workers were not concerned at first because they thought the van was being picked up to be serviced.

Information  is subject to change as the investigation proceeds. Individuals arrested and/or charged have not been convicted.

— Compiled by Scott Harper