Adding insult to injury, after St. Stephen AME Church burned down Sunday, someone was spotted stealing from the property.

A man who serves as groundskeeper for the church said he was told about the thefts Tuesday.

Reportedly, a 57-year-old Georgetown man was spotted taking copper ground wire from a house the church owns located behind the church.

The suspect was overheard bragging about the thefts while having lunch at St. Cyprians Church on Front Street.

The man allegedly told the person he was having lunch with that he was “going back for more.”

The woman the suspect made the statement to contacted the groundskeeper to report what she had been told.

Police said once the man can be positively identified, an arrest warrant will be issued.

Arson investigated

Deputies were sent to the 100 block of Kidneywood Way in Murrells Inlet Oct. 20 because of an alleged arson.

A woman told the officers she was watching over her son’s residence, which is under construction, while he was out of town.

When workers arrived on the scene Oct. 20, they saw part of the underpinning near the trailer was burned.

There were also burn marks in other areas of the trailer and two windows were broken.

A beer bottle fond near the trailer is believed to have been used to carry the fuel that ignited the fire.

When a neighbor was asked if she saw anything suspicious, she said someone took her dog off its chain. The chain was found in a nearby yard.

Nothing was reported missing from the residence.

Sliced with a razor

A 54-year-old Plantersville man is accused of cutting his 42-year-old cousin with a razor Oct. 19.

The victim told officers his cousin held him on the ground and then used a straight razor to cut his arm.

Deputies saw the injury and report “it did not appear to be deep.”

He also said his cousin told him if he showed up in Georgetown he would hurt him worse.

Unconventional weapon

A 29-year-old Murrells Inlet man called deputies to his workplace on Highway 17 Business Oct. 23 after the mother of his child damaged his vehicle.

He said the woman — with whom he shares a child but is not dating — came to his job demanding money.

When he refused, the 31-year-old woman reportedly broke the left windshield wiper off his car and used it to smash the rear window of the vehicle.

The woman then ran from the scene towards Sunnyside Ave. and was not located by deputies.

The case was presented to a magistrate for prosecution.

Man beaten, robbed by woman in PI

A 35-year-old man was reportedly assaulted and robbed by a 33-year-old woman near Club Isis in Pawleys Island Oct. 19.

The man said he was “a little intoxicated” when the incident took place but he remembers the woman hitting him several times on the head with a closed fist.

He called the Sheriff’s Office the next morning after he saw his facial injuries. He said he also discovered $120 in cash, his ID and a cell phone were missing and the woman, he said, is the only one that could have taken them.

The matter is still being investigated.

Assaulted at bar

A 49-year-old woman said she was attacked while having drinks at the VFW in Andrews Oct. 22.

The woman admitted she said something that hurt the bartender’s feelings but quickly apologized.

The woman said as she was starting to leave, another woman walked up chastising her for what she said to the bartender.

The woman said she told the suspect this does not involve her.

The suspect said it did involve her and punched the victim in the eye and grabbed her by the hair.

Someone pulled the suspect off the woman who left the building.

She called 911 the next morning when she saw her eye was black and swollen.

She was advised to see a magistrate about obtaining a warrant.

Information  is subject to change as the investigation proceeds. Individuals arrested and/or charged have not been convicted.

— Compiled by Scott Harper