A Johnson Road man called deputies at about 1:30 a.m. June 30 after being awakened by what he thought was a dying cat.

He said he got out of bed to check it out. When he looked out the back door, he saw his 61-year-old neighbor standing in the back of his property making howling cat and dog noises.

Once deputies arrived on the scene, the man was still making the animal sounds.

The officers talked to the noise maker who said he was trying to find his hunting dog that was lost.

The man got argumentative when he was told about the county’s noise ordinance.

He was charged with breach of peace.

She fell and could not get up

When an EMS team responded to a call of a 97-year-old woman from Lewis Lane in Murrells Inlet who had fallen, they notified the Sheriff’s Office because the house was in disarray.

The woman, according to a neighbor, was on the floor for days before she was discovered because she was unable to get to her phone.

The woman had numerous sores and cuts on her body. The woman said they were caused by her scooting on the floor trying to reach her phone.

The woman was expected to be OK, according to the report.

It was determined no crime had been committed causing the house to be in the condition in which it was found.

Church snack theft

A burglary was reported at Center Baptist Church in Pleasant Hill June 28.

A door was shattered by the person responsible for the break-in.

The only thing reported stolen was a pack of sodas and a bag of Goldfish cookies.

A fireproof box was also damaged.

There are no suspects.

Damaged golf course

Someone caused about $2,300 worth of damage at True Blue Golf Course which was reported June 28.

Someone drove all over the course and green at the 5th hole.

The tracks viewed by deputies were in circular patters and others were in straight lines and appeared to have been made by a small vehicle.

As deputies investigating they saw tire tracks in the grass next to a nearby building and the outdoor staircase of the building was also damaged.

It’s believed the driver hit the staircase.

Man angered by cheating suspicion

A 28-year-old Pawleys Island woman said her 30-year-old boyfriend got mad at her when he thought she was flirting with one of his friends.

She said her boyfriend walked into the bathroom and punched four holes in the wall and then threw a glass which nearly hit her.

Deputies noted there was blood on the floor but were unable to determine the origin of the blood.

The man was found on a bed holding a beer. He was arrested for criminal domestic violence.

Halloween prank?

Someone threw an egg at a home on Wildewood Avenue June 29.

A woman said she saw the broken egg on her driveway when she returned home.

“There were no more eggs thrown and we had no more reports of eggs being thrown at homes around the neighborhood,” the deputy wrote.

The woman said she has no idea who would have thrown the egg.

Information  is subject to change as the investigation proceeds. Individuals arrested and/or charged have not been convicted.

— Compiled by Scott Harper