A 17-year-old Andrews High School student was arrested for disorderly conduct Nov. 22 after refusing to remove a shirt he was wearing that had profanity written across the front.

The student, when told he could not wear the shirt on campus, began to use abusive language towards the school staff,

As the teen was walking down the hall, he was cursing in front of staff and students.

He was also punching the walls with his first.

He was transported to the Detention Center.

They thought it was a gun

An officer patrolling the Carvers Bay High football game Nov. 22 was approached by a student who said someone had pointed a gun at the ROTC members who were working the traffic post near the library.

The students said a man was standing in the bushes so they walked up and asked him if he was OK. The man told them to “sit down” and “back off.”

The man was holding his hand near his waist and was pointing what was thought to be a gun.

A few minutes later the man left and a beer can was found in the bushes where he had been standing.

He was located and identified by the students. He was checked but no gun was located.

“It was determined the subject was intoxicated and possibly had been urinating in the bushes when the students walked up,” the report said. That is why he wanted the students to stay away. It apparently was not a gun the students saw.

Elderly woman swindled

An 85-year-old Georgetown woman has reportedly been the victim of a swindler the past few months.

The woman’s son met with Georgetown police Saturday and said his mother, who lives in Maryville, had received several calls from someone from Las Vegas who claimed she had won $2 million and said he would be delivering her prize.

During the conversations, the caller told the woman she needed to send him money in order to have the prize delivered. The woman went to a local loan business and used her car title to obtain a $2,300 loan which she wired to the man.

She had previously sent the man $900.

It was also discovered some of the woman’s checks had been forged and had been used at Food Lion. Her credit card was also used.

Attacked with a crowbar, knife

Georgetown police met with an assault victim inside the hospital emergency room early Saturday morning. He was being treated for a severe head wound and a laceration.

He said a 35-year-old man hit him with a crow bar and stabbed him with a big knife. It happened at a house on Merriman Road.

The victim said he was at the suspect’s house watching movies when the suspect walked from the kitchen and hit him with the crow bar. They started to fight and the victim was then stabbed in the arm.

The suspect was located and had blood on his jeans and socks which he tried to convince officers was barbecue sauce.

Blood was also found in several different places inside the home.

The man was taken to jail, charged with assault and battery.

Too much exposure at the DC

Two reports of indecent exposure were taken at the Georgetown County Detention Center. One on Nov. 21 and the other on Sunday.

In the first case, a female officer said she was doing her routine of checking on the inmates when two of the inmates - ages 18 and 22 - started shaking their privates at her as she walked by.

She told the men their actions violated the “prison rape elimination act.” She informed her superiors and both men were charged with indecent exposure.

On Sunday a different female officer said she was checking inmates and saw a 28-year-old man performing a lewd act with his cell door open.

The woman said the man was facing her at the time. He was also charged with indecent exposure.

Teen refuses to go to school

A woman from the Graves Station area said her 15-year-old daughter refused to get up for school Nov. 22.

The woman said she has contacted DSS about the problem in the past and was told she needed to file a police report each time it happened so they could document a history of truancy.

The teen told the deputy she had a hard time getting up because she had been awake until 1 a.m. doing laundry.

Her mother said she makes her daughter do her own laundry because she refuses to put them in the clothes hamper.

The teen was warned about the consequences of not going to school.

Information is subject to change as the investigation proceeds. Individuals arrested and/or charged have not been convicted. Compiled by Scott Harper.