Pawleys Island Mayor Jimmy Braswell and challenger Brian Henry are tied at 58 votes each in complete but unofficial vote totals from Tuesday’s municipal elections.

The unofficial vote totals – if they stand on Thursday – also show that incumbent Guerry Green lost by 12 votes to challenger Josh Ricker.

But even that is more complicated. As reported previously, in the weeks leading up to the Nov. 5 vote, the 131 registered voters in the Town of Pawleys Island were joined by 38 new voters. Many of those newly registered voters have homes elsewhere, but registered to vote in the election for Mayor and Town Council.

After vote totals came in to the Georgetown County Board of Voter Registration and Elections, board chairman Dean Smith said that there were 22 challenged ballots in the Town of Pawleys Island election.

Also voting Tuesday were residents in the City of Georgetown and Town of Andrews. In all, there were 1,733 votes cast in the three municipalities.

For all the races, the Election Board will meet Thursday at 10 a.m. at their office at 303 N. Hazard St. in Georgetown. They will convene as the Board of Canvassers. The meeting is open to the public.

Smith said the Board members will review the 22 challenged ballots for Pawleys Island, as well as any others that may come up for Georgetown and Andrews.

People who challenged the voters will have to explain and perhaps show documentation for their challenges. The Board will consider each of the challenges individually, Smith said. Whichever ones may be allowed to vote will be removed from their sealed envelopes, mixed together and then the votes will be counted. Once those numbers are added to the unofficial numbers, the Board of Canvassers will certify the votes and declare official winners.

If any of the candidates are not satisfied, they could appeal the decision and the Board would hold a hearing.

As of Tuesday night, the unofficial totals for each municipality are listed.

The asterisks denote the unofficial winners in each race.

Town of Andrews


Frank McClary, 493 *

Terrance Middleton, 100

Write-in, 2

Town Council (3 seats)

Jamie Altman, 372 *

Letha Palmer, 231

Amy Pinckney-Flagler, 371 *

Robert S Stamper II, 298 *

Write-in, 12

Town of Pawleys Island



Jimmy Braswell, 58

Brian Henry, 58

Write-in, 0

Town Council, 4 seats

R Ashley Carter, 108 *

Guerry Green, 54

Leda McIntyre Hall, 15

Rocky Holliday, 72 *

Josh Ricker, 66 *

Sarah Zimmerman, 99 *

Write-in, 4

As noted above, there are 22 challenged ballots that will not be counted until Thursday’s certification meeting. The above results could change depending on the outcome of the challenges.

City of Georgetown

City Council (3 seats)

Al Joseph DEM, 752 *

Hobson Henry Milton DEM, 612 *

Clarence C Smalls DEM, 652 *

Write-in, 87

There were no candidates who filed to run as Republicans in the June primary, so only the names of the Democrat primary winners were listed on the ballots.

Election Board Chairman Dean Smith said that the Board does not have to count or list the names of write-in candidates, unless there is a statistical possibility that such a candidate would defeat one whose name was printed on the ballot. He also noted that the name of a write-in candidate must be exact for each ballot.

As an example, Smith said, John Doe could get some votes, John Doe Jr could get other votes, and J Doe could get still others. The Board would have to report totals for those names as three separate people because of the differences in how the write-in names were listed on the ballots.

The Georgetown Times / South Strand News will have an updated story following the Thursday vote certification meeting.

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