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South Carolina gyms, pools and other close contact businesses will reopen their doors on May 18, 2020 as announced by Gov. McMaster.

Close contact businesses will reopen across South Carolina next Monday as Gov. McMaster lifted the restrictions on close contact businesses amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Nearly two months since these businesses closed their doors, South Carolinains can now return back to work in gyms, barbershops, hair saloons and other recreational facilitates, allowing customers in under new strict cleaning and sanitizing guidelines.

“With our increased capacity for testing the people of our state, it is time to responsibly and gradually get these small businesses back up and running,”  McMaster said. “We have an opportunity to set an example for the rest of the world by reinvigorating our economy while staying safe, but we can only do that if South Carolinians continue to follow the advice and recommendations of our public health experts.”

Almost three weeks of accelerateSC meetings has lead to reopeining business  with the meetings designed to develop guidelines for operations of businesses are expected to implent.

The new guidelines state that these shops and facilities must maintain social distancing with recommended capacity requirements, additional health checks for employees and sanitizing chairs, tables and other equipment.

McMaster announced that the first group of state employees can return to their offices once there is ample PPE on site, no later than June 1.