Andrews Town Council

Current Andrews Town Council member Angela Anderson welcomes the new members, Robert Stamper with Amy Pinckney-Flagler and Jamie Altman.

Families, friends and acquaintances were all on hand January 4, as Mayor Frank McClary along with three new members of the Andrews town council: Jamie Altman, Amy Pinckney-Flagler and Robert S. Stamper II, swore to uphold their oaths.

“This body is responsible for the measure of the town’s business, which is a huge deal,” Mayor McClary said. “So, the folks that volunteer to come and do this is a huge move and one that they should not take lightly because we are making decisions that impact everybody in town. This oath clearly identifies our responsibilities and I am happy to have this team which includes Jamie Altman, who is actually a returnee, as he came on as part of a special election back in July and Amy Pinckney-Flagler, who is a former class mate of mine and a long-term employee of Santee Cooper plus Robert S. Stamper II who is here for the first time.”

“I know these folks are not taking this move lightly at all,” McClary said.

He then went on to swear in Altman, Pinckney-Flagler and Stamper.

All solemnly swore that they are duly qualified, according to the constitution of this state to exercise the duties of this office to which they have been elected. And they will to the best of their ability discharge the duties thereof and preserve, protect and defend the constitution of this city and of the United States. They also agreed to equally, fairly and impartially to the best of their ability and skill exercise the trust imposed on them.

Pinckney-Flagler thanked everyone and said, “We are all here to do what’s best for Andrews. I look forward to working together.”

Stamper, who said he has been around Andrews all his life, loves the town, and agreed, “We have to do this all together. We have to come together as we are stronger together than we are apart.”

“We are looking at re-branding our town,” Mayor McClary said. “We want to take advantage of the resources we have. This is just the beginning. We have leaders in the community that are coming out to help us improve the town. We are the managers, the strength and the effort that comes from the community and that is a positive sign that things are moving in the right direction. We will see the town go places that it hasn’t been in a long time.”

Mayor McClary indicated the way he sees it; this is truly a family affair. “And I think all of us, we all love this place and it’s not just a job, it’s a commitment,” he said.