To the Editor:

A recent Letter-to-the-Editor encouraged Terry Munson to submit letters in order to teach people how to think (I can no longer find that letter).

I, however, believe people need information, not thinking lessons. Mr. Munson’s Sept. 4 letter “Simply a game” is a screed ( a long, tiresome speech or piece of writing) about the minimum wage, although he never uses that term, which neither teaches or informs.

Name-calling (e.g. “deluded president” or labeling those who disagree with him as “un-American)” is not a substitute for a legitimate argument.

His statement “when people or companies with extra money put it into corporate accounts (or) the stock market…” it “does little to boost the economy” is grossly inaccurate.

That money is used by Corporations to create jobs and by individuals to buy homes, start businesses, or pay medical or other expenses.

Mr. Munson basically offers the “broken window fallacy”, which argues there is a benefit to breaking windows as it provides jobs for people who replace broken windows. True as far as it goes.

The rest of the story is that money used to replace the window was taken out of the grocery budget, which causes the grocer to lose a job.

The window installer gains a job and the grocer loses a job, no net gain to the economy.

In truth the issue is a lot more complex than that and I don’t think anybody would argue that a minimum wage doesn’t provide a necessary level of protection to those who need it.

Given accurate information people can make intelligent decisions whether recent proposals to raise the minimum age from $7.25 per hour for most employees to $15 per hour for fast food workers and others is reasonable. The current administration has proven that taking money out of one person’s pocket and putting it into someone else’s pocket does nothing to create jobs.

Our economy will remain stagnant until this administration and its enablers ( one who encourages a bad habit in another) decide to focus on creating jobs rather than deciding whose pocket money should be in.

Breaking windows does not create jobs.

Philip Holberton

Pawleys Island