An incident has been reported to the Georgetown County Human Resources Department in which the County Treasurer, Allison Peteet, is accused of striking an employee.

The incident occurred Tuesday, May 5, at approximately 10:30 a.m. A complaint was received by the Georgetown County Human Resources Department late that afternoon, and the HR director retrieved surveillance video from the Treasurer’s Office showing the incident early the next morning. The county’s administration was notified of the complaint, and the matter and all documentation were turned over to the S.C. Law Enforcement Division according to protocol. The Division later notified the County that an investigation would be initiated.

You can view the video of the incident here. 

Protecting its employees and providing a safe work environment is a priority for Georgetown County Government and its leadership. It was the county’s judgement that the best way to do that in this instance was to turn the matter over to SLED.

Per S.C. law (Title 12, Chapter 45), the County Treasurer is an elected official, answerable only to the people and the Governor’s Office. Neither Georgetown County Council, nor the County Administrator have any jurisdiction over the Treasurer or the Treasurer’s Office.

This is the only information the County has on the incident at this time, and no further comments on the matter will be issued by Georgetown County while the investigation is ongoing.