Students in Georgetown County continue to make significant gains in core content courses as measured by the State End of Course Exams in Algebra I, English  I, Biology and U. S. History and Constitution.

Waccamaw High School had a pass rate of 88.4 percent of its students pass Algebra I and 84.8 percent passed English I for the 2010 – 2011 school year.

This was coupled with a 100-percent passage rate at Waccamaw Middle School in English and 98.8 percent of its students passed the Algebra I End of Course Exam.

Carvers Bay Middle School had 100 percent of its participants pass both English I and Algebra I.

Also leading the way were the students at Georgetown Middle School in its Algebra I program with 100 percent passage rate.

While results in all areas were mixed as to the marks students received in all subject areas, growth continues to be the resounding theme.

“We continue, as does the State, with ongoing curriculum and assessment work in U. S. History and Constitution,” said Patti Hammel, executive director for Student Performance and Federal Programs.

“We are providing professional development through technology strategies to enhance and reinforce concepts in this course for our teachers. Reading also continues to remain a focus to allow our students to develop better comprehension skills. We continue to have our teachers work together in Professional Learning Teams as we move forward. We are proud of the hard work of our dedicated administrators and teachers and the great support from students and parents.”

Students from Waccamaw High School scoring at the passage rate for the high school diploma on the High School Assessment Program (HSAP) surpassed the state percentages.

With an 86.2 percent passage rate on English Language Arts and Mathematics, these students continue to outpace those of other students their same age.

“We are particularly proud of the fact that 88.3% of all of our students passed English/Language Arts while 76.9% of our students passed the Mathematics portion,” Hammel said. “Mathematics remains more challenging. Balanced literacy efforts are making a great impact. We continue to examine all data for students and work to ensure that course work meets each student’s needs. Georgetown County continues to emphasize graduation from high school to be college and career ready. “We want our students to have all of the opportunities to be successful in any chosen field of work or study.”

— From Georgetown County School District