A Murrells Inlet athlete was killed after being struck by a car on August 9 while attempting to cross a road in New Berlin, New York.

Jonathan Mayzak, 20, was a motocross rider and attending an event at the Unadilla Motocross Park in New Berlin when the tragedy occurred. Mayzak was attempting to cross the street with his brother, Matthew, a U.S. Marine who was visiting. Mayzak first saved his brother from getting hit by another car. The two looked both ways and Mayzak started to cross, not seeing an oncoming vehicle with no operating lights.

“I was about to start walking,” Matthew told WKTV, “he said ‘hold on’ and grabbed me and said there’s a car coming. So he looked left, waited for the car to pass, he looked right, there was no car coming behind that that we could see. He took two steps out. He got hit. It was so close, I tried to grab him. I had his shirt in my hand. The car barely missed me. It had no lights on and there was just nothing we could do.”

Mayzak was taken to an intensive care unit of a nearby hospital where he succumbed to his injuries on August 11 after being removed from life support.

The driver of the vehicle was later found to be impaired and has been charged with DWAI. A toxicology report is forthcoming.

Mayzak was supposed to be married on October 23 of this year according to a GoFundMe page that has been set up for Mayzak’s family.