“Fiasco” doesn't begin to describe the roll-out of Obamacare.

As the “experts” attempt to unravel the difficulties with the multi-flawed website, I am reminded of my mother who baked a cake only to find that it was too salty. There was no way of going back and taking out the excess salt. She had to start over. Such is the case of the Obama website,

It is unlikely that it can be effectively fixed but instead of scrapping the whole thing and starting afresh with folks in charge who actually know how to lead a supervised effort, the president stubbornly refuses to budge.

In spite of a series of outright untruths, the president is trying to “restate” the promises he made time and time again that “if you are satisfied with your insurance plan and your doctor, you can keep them both — period.” It turns out that neither of these oft-stated promises is true. The President is sounding more and more like a guilty husband trying to convince his wife that he has not been unfaithful.

Late last week the president offered a half-hearted apology which sounded more like he was sorry he was caught rather than for the untold misery Obamacare has already caused for millions of Americans.

Stupid rules

Is mismanagement of Obamacare thus far a harbinger of things to come? Why in the world would you entrust your healthcare to a federal bureaucracy that can't even get the first step correct?

The new health law itself is flawed enough but just wait until the hundreds of thousands of restrictive regulations hit the street. Enough stupid bureaucratic regulations are already in place but these will soon seem tame when the others come down the pike.

Let me give you a couple of personal examples. My wife and I are old enough to benefit from Medicare which we paid for during our many years of active employment. I was declared in need of a walking cane and walker recently. The doctor wrote a prescription for both.

I thought, “Wonderful”, I will go down to Walgreens and get one of those walkers on sale for less than $80. Alas, I was told that Walgreens was not authorized to furnish Medicare-paid appliances and I would have to go to an “approved” dealer.

I went to one of the Medicare-authorized dealers in medical equipment and was immediately told that government rules don't allow the purchase of both a walker and a walking stick at the same time. I could get one of the other but would have to come back in a week to pick up the other. What kind of commonsense does this make?

It also turns out that the prescription did not adequately identify “walker.” Most folks would figure that a walker is a walker. Go figure.

I made another trip to the doctor's office to procure a prescription with the Obamacare approved codes retrieved from a book of tens of thousands of government nomenclature.

I went back to the supplier and picked up a walker similar to the Walgreens one on sale and the government was charged $169.00. I went back a week later and picked up a walking cane and the government was billed for $55.00! Walgreens had a similar one for $28. By the way, both pieces of medical equipment were made in China! So much for creating American jobs.

Government logic

To give you another example of how the government mind works. My wife wrote several thank-you notes to folks who had been so kind to her during her recent two-month stay in the hospital and physical rehab facility.

One of the notes was to a prominent, life-long resident of Georgetown. She addressed the note with what she thought was the appropriate P.O. Box. As it turned out the box number was slightly incorrect. Instead of walking the two or three steps to the correct box, the mail person returned it to my wife. It cost more in manpower time and effort to return the note than it would have taken to reach over to the correct box in the post office.

It reminded me of the time years ago when I mailed a birthday greeting to a friend who happened to be at that time a US Senator. It seems he had a P.O. Box instead of the home street address I had used. It came back “ADDRESSEE UNKNOWN!” I told the Senator that the next time he was in town; I wanted to take him down to the Post Office and introduce him to folks.

Personal privacy

We have been told that everyone who signs up for Obamacare on the Internet cannot be certain that their personal data will be secure. In fact, many of the sub-contractors are manned by foreign non-citizens of the US. Do you trust your personal information in the hands of foreigners? Obamacare mandates that all of our medical record go onto a digital network making our most personal information available to hackers worldwide.

Do you really want government to be in complete charge of healthcare for you and your family?

Is there a person alive who still believes in the myth that you can add tens of millions to the health insurance rolls and the average cost of a family's health premiums will be “reduced by several thousand dollars?” Dream on!

I have zero confidence that the government is capable of being in charge of every citizen's healthcare.

Do you!

John Brock is a retired college professor and newspaper editor/publisher, who lives in Georgetown County. He can be reached by mail at this newspaper, or by Email at brock@johnbrock.com.

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