Hurricane Dorian is sweeping close to Georgetown on Thursday evening. Flooding and storm surge is being reported throughout the County. There is video of storm surge flowing rapidly through the Deberdieu area.

The City of Georgetown is without power. Santee Cooper posted images of crews working on downed lines. Reportedly, there are 6,500 customers without power across the County. That report was done hours ago, however, and has not been updated. Numbers could be higher or lower at this time.

There was a reported fire on Choppee Road which fire crews were managing during the hurricane.

At one point, earlier in the afternoon, Georgetown County Sheriff’s office suspended operations, but redeployed a short time later.

Charleston County stated they were planning to reopen offices tomorrow at 10 a.m. which included recycling.

As of 2:20pm, this was the list of roads with reported issues according to Georgetown County.


Current Road Issues as of 2:20 p.m. Sept. 5 (this is rapidly changing info. For conditions after this time, visit

-Tree down on Beaty St. between Pine and Oakley St.

- Tree down on N. Santee Road at Anadale Plantation

- Tree on Powerline at Johnson Road -- Passable

- 600-700 block of S. Waccamaw is impassable

- 1800 block of S. Waccamaw is impassable

- Tree down at Plantersville and Jackson Village Rd.

- Tree down at 11744 Carvers Bay Rd.

- Tree down at Howthorn and Cedar

- 1100 block of Norris -- closed due to flooding

- Powerline on tree at 1374 Oatland Rd.

- Road closed at Highmarket St. between Lee and Alex Alford due to flooding

- Flooding on St. James St.

- Tree down at 1900 block of Jackson Village Rd. blocking 1/2 road.

- 8209 Old Pee Dee Rd. at recycling center is flooded

- 400 block of Corner Loop is flooded

- Power line down in road at Walker and Dawhoo Lake Rd.

- Front Street and East Bay St. Closed

- Tree in road at Browns Ferry Rd at BA Grantham

- Front and Queen St. Closed

- Tree down at West Hemlock and Morgan

- Tree down at Hwy. 17 northbound, 1 mile south of Whitehall substation

- Road Closed from Screven to Cannon

- Blackgum Rd. and Ocean Hwy. 17, all lanes flooded

- Tree down at East Cherry and Magnolia

-Tree down between the bridges, power line down

-Power line down at Dogwood and Elmwood

- Power line down at S. Fraser and Montford, northbound land

- Tree down on N. Fraser and David W. Ray Rd.