The One SC Fund Committee has awarded Georgetown’s Habitat for Humanity over $25,000 to help our local town and citizens repair and construct houses. The Committee has awarded $365,000 to 11 nonprofit, including HFH, across SC to provide recovery assistance and disaster relief to flood victims of Hurricane Florence.

"The One SC Fund has helped thousands of South Carolinians affected by disaster return home during the past four years," said JoAnn Turnquist, president and CEO of Central Carolina Community Foundation. "We're grateful for the many generous donors who have helped these families and individuals."

Habitat for Humanity has used the grant funding to assist low-income families in making their homes safe and secure, specifically homes that have worsened due to disasters in recent years. Disasters like Hurricane Florence that rocked the Bermuda and Carolinas in Sept. 2018.

It was because of this hurricane that Laura Gassler, Executive Director, says Georgetown was one of the eight impacted areas that was affected by the hurricane and applied for the grant funding. When she applied for it, she wasn’t sure if Habitat would get the grant because of how little damage was done in Georgetown due to the hurricane.

“When we applied for this grant funding, we indicated that we may not have had as much serious impact from Hurricane Florence as some of the other counties,” Gassler said.

Despite this, Habitat still applied to the grant because even though Georgetown was affected that much, the grant funding was still needed to fix previous housing problems citing previous hurricane such as Matthew, flooding in 2015 and other natural disasters..

“These grants funds can be used to help people that did receive damage or further damage because of Florence” Gassler said.

Georgetown’s HFH has recently started a Repair Program to help with repairing of old houses in Georgetown. She said that most of the houses are like this from old age and storm damage.

“We’re focusing on repairs in the west end of Georgetown and prior to this Georgetown has only build new houses in the community,” Gassler said “We’re driving around, looking at houses and notice that houses in the west end that still have tarps on the roof or temporally patching.”

The One SC Fund was established in November 2015 by former Governor Nikki Haley after the Thousand Year Flood. The fund was to help South Carolinians recover from disaster and recovery projects across the state, helping more than 2,400 families return home by awarding more than $4.86 million in grants. 

The fund is administered by Central Carolina Community Foundation, nonprofit serving 11 countries in the Midlands by distributing grants and scholarships.

“I think it’s marvelous and I’m glad we were considered and that we received the grant. We certainly appreciate the OneSC and Central Carolina Community Foundation” Gassler said.