On Saturday, April 18, at 11 a.m., a community meeting will be held at the Andrews Public Library to explore the establishment of the United States Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Academy.

The proposed U.S. Dr. King Academy will teach the social values preached by Dr. King through academic majors in education, social work, community planning, public health, economic development, government and cultural history. Graduates would be employed in local, state and Federal government positions and the military along with nonprofit organizations that serve the public good.

The committee welcomes volunteers, church groups, fraternal organizations, legislators, union members and veterans groups to attend the meeting on April 18 to join in the movement to honor Dr. King with a national public service academy.

The Andrews Library is located at 107 N. Morgan Ave. in Andrews. For more information, call Bishop James Cooper at 843-359-9760 or Greg Bennett at 843-543-4652.