Lana Guy


Lana Guy, a Georgetown teenager, will compete in the Miss South Carolina Teen pageant in Columbia the week of June 25 – 29.

Guy, in her first year of competition, recently was named Miss Palmetto Teen during a preliminary statewide pageant.

"I’ve already learned a lot about myself as a person and the world around me,” she said. “I first started pageants because I was invited to play guitar and sing at the previous Miss South Carolina’s going away party to Miss America. There, I was able to meet the great people that are part of the organization. South Carolina on its own has donated over $1 million to the Children’s Miracle Network Hospital. Everyone is active in the community and it’s a great experience.”

She is a freshman at the South Carolina Connections Academy, an online public school serving students in grades K-12 throughout the state.

“I love the teachers, they are so amazing. The staff is supportive and everyone is so kind. Anytime I need help, they are always there. They make sure you are doing well as you can.”

Guy recently spoke at the State House for a school choice rally and was introduced to the House and Senate committees.

“I was chosen by my teacher,” she said. “I talked about how much South Carolina Connections Academy has done for me and has given a flexible schedule to be active in my community. I was able to explain to them how I am getting an amazing education.”

She is a member of Connections Academy’s government club, the Charleston Stage Theatre troupe, and the National Honors Society, serving previously as the president and vice president of the Juniors National Honors Society. Last year she received the Principal’s Award at Connections Academy for academic excellence.

Helping people in need is her platform serving as Miss Palmetto Teen.

“South Carolina is ranked seventh worse for food security in the nation. I really hope to change that statistic,” Guy said. 

To help her platform, Guy has started a “Lana’s little free food pantry” in her grandmother’s yard next to the four-way stop at McDowell Short Cut Road and Tournament Boulevard in Murrells Inlet.

“It’s where anyone who has a little bit extra can leave what they can,” she said.

On the side of the homemade box it says “Take what you need, and leave what you can.”

Guy’s mother, Shannon, said that it has been a big learning curve but her daughter has a dedication to education.

“I am proud of Lana’s hard work, determination and her ability to set goals and accomplishments,” Shannon said. “Being part of the academy has helped her become an independent learner. There are so many teens out there doing wonderful things, so it’s nice to have a teen that’s also wonderful.”

Guy said she has a lot of goals and aspirations for the rest of her life.

“I would love to be a professional musician, and go to college. I have a lot of ideas, but I’m only 15 so I have time.”

Guy thinks the pageant experience will be a rewarding opportunity.

“I am so excited. Whenever we first started I don’t think we really knew what we were getting ourselves into, but now that we have I am so happy that we did,” she said. “I am excited to see all of the other contestants with all of their talents and the gifts they have to share.”