A former Georgetown police investigator who is out on medical leave and an off-duty South Carolina Law Enforcement agent are credited with the capture of a man believed to be responsible for multiple bank robberies.

Georgetown Police Chief Paul Gardner said 41 year old Wesley Todd McCracken was arrested after allegedly robbing the South Carolina Bank and Trust at 1134 North Fraser Street.

Gardner said McCracken walked into the bank at about noon Thursday and handed a teller a note demanding money.

“There is no indication he had a gun,” Gardner said.

The man was given an undisclosed amount of cash in a bag that also contained a dye pack.

Investigator Ricky Floyd, currently out of work on medical leave, and SLED Agent Rhett Holden were driving by the bank at the same time McCracken was running out the front door.

“We were in my truck running some errands,” Floyd said. “I saw a white male running out of the bank. He was wearing a baseball cap. He was looking over his shoulder while he was running and almost ran into traffic. Rhett jokes and said ‘wouldn’t it be something if the bank just got robbed.’”

Floyd said he then saw the red dye pack explode.

“You could see the dye going through the air. I told Rhett ‘that man just robbed the bank,” Floyd said.

The two drove to the back of the bank and saw McCracken running towards the parking lot of Ryan’s Family Restaurant. He then got inside a small vehicle and locked the doors.

Floyd and Holden approached the car. While Holden stood in front of the car to keep McCracken from leaving, Floyd was banging on the window.

“I, of course, had no gun,” Floyd said. Holden, however, did have his gun in his possession. He identified himself as a SLED agent and ordered McCracken out of the car at gunpoint.

He complied and Floyd held him on the ground until other officers arrived.

“It was a great deal for law enforcement and for the citizens of this state,” Gardner said.

He said he has talked with SLED officials and it is believed McCracken may be responsible for bank robberies in and out of South Carolina.

By Scott Harper