More than 20 students from Georgetown High School are preparing for a spring trip to Denmark and four other European countries.

They are now raising money for the trip, said Jay D. Hartley, III, golf coach and Student Council co-advisor at the school.

“We will be raising funds for the next two months,” Hartley said. “The more money we have for the trip the better, but students are planning to pitch in too.”

As part of the Sister Schools Program, the students will tour five European countries from April 7 to 22 and attend school at EGA Gymnasium in Aarhus, Denmark.

“Educational travel is a key component of our new globally-focused curriculum here at Georgetown High and our students and their families greatly appreciate the community's support and commitment to our future leaders,” Hartley said.

Last year, students from Denmark came to visit this area and attended Georgetown High for a week.

Hartley said about half of the students going to Europe this year were part of the program last year.

“Some of them have made lasting friendships with the Danish students and they are anxious to get over there,” he said.

“They are ecstatic to meet the Danish families and delve into their culture.”

Hartley said he and his co-director of the Sisters Schools Program, Kristin Altman, are also excited about the trip.

A 15-day trip

The 15-day trip will begin in Paris, France where the group will spend three days touring the city and surrounding areas. 

Following Paris their tour guide will lead them on a private tour bus to Brussels, Belgium to have lunch and tour the city before continuing on the way to Amsterdam, Netherlands.

In Amsterdam they will stay two days, touring the city and visiting his torical sites such as the Anne Frank house and Volendam.

Continuing on from there, the group will travel through Lubeck, Germany followed by a two-night stay in Copenhagen, Denmark. 

Upon completion of the nine-day tour, they will travel by train to Aarhus, Denmark where they will reunite with the students and teachers from EGA Gymnasium and the students will attend school there for the week.

Each of the 21 Georgetown High students will have a "host buddy" with whose family they will stay for the week.

Students will spend the first half of each day in Danish classes with their Danish host buddy and then spend the afternoons in a classroom with Ms. Altman and I both working on their own school work and e-mailing work back and forth to their teachers in South Carolina.

In addition, the students will spend this time collaborating on their overall European culture scrapbook projects.

To make a donation for this special trip, contact Jay D. Hartley, Social Studies Department, Georgetown High School at 843-546-8516 ext. 2127, or e-mail him at

By Clayton Stairs