Many Georgetown residents said that Hurricane Dorian could have been a lot worse on Thursday, Sept. 5, but were counting their blessings as they cleaned up Friday.

Erin Angner decided to stay and ride out the storm and was out early on Front Street making sure everything was OK.

“We saw a lot of rain and wind,” Angner said. “We continually monitored Orange and Front Street for flooding, because of the proximity of where we live and with the tidal flooding and wind that was forecasted. I don’t think Dorian was as bad as Hurricane Matthew at all.

The City of Georgetown Public Works Manager, Tim Chatman, echoed what Mayor Brendon Barber words from Thursday night when he said, “We dodged another bullet.”

“We are just going to try and get back to normal,” Chatman said. “We are going to get out there and get as much of this stuff up as we can. We have some good people here in Georgetown. The city has great leaders and staff. Our electric department has been top-notch with their response. They did a great job last night getting as much power to people as they could.”

Front Street in Georgetown had minor debris that would be seen in a typical storm, such as tree limbs and leaves covering the sidewalk.

“I have seen minor stuff,” Chatman said, referring to damage around the city. “A lot of trees went down on private property.”

A few businesses Friday morning had some flood water in their buildings, but they vowed to reopen, some as soon as Friday.

Aunny’s Country Kitchen had water on their dining room floor, but said they would be open for business Friday. Alma Owens, owner of New Beginnings Hair & Nail Salon also had minor flooding, was busy cleaning up her store.

“I think it was just the water surge,” Owens said. “We will shoot to reopen on Monday.”