wind turbine

Wind turbines off the South Carolina coast could be part of a national approach to sustainable energy.

The Bureau of Ocean Energy Management is pursuing the identification of Wind Energy Areas off the coastline of North and South Carolina for the purpose of developing offshore wind energy.

BOEM has been working with states all along the eastern seaboard as part of a larger offshore wind leasing strategy. BOEM said the Outer Continental Shelf provides a “world-class wind resource”.

According to a BOEM assessment map, almost the entirety of the South Carolina coastline has better potential for wind energy than the offshore areas of North Carolina, Georgia and Florida. BOEM plans to establish Wind Energy Areas in the Atlantic off the SC Coast this year. Additionally, they plan to utilize a regional approach to wind energy in the Carolinas and will analyze potential wind leasing in the future.

Wind leases have been established off the coasts of the North Carolina Outer Banks, Del-Mar-Va, New Jersey, New York and Rhode Island already.

BOEM said wind energy is highly promising as an addition to energy production for the nation. The first commercial scale offshore wind facility could be under construction this year.