Thursday's quick capture of the man accused of robbing South Carolina Bank and Trust in Georgetown was a bigger catch than authorities thought originally.

In fact, 41 year old Wesley Todd McCracken — arrested in the Ryan’s restaurant after the South Carolina Bank and Trust robbery at about noon Thursday — is nicknamed the “Nike Hat Bank Robber” and is accused of 13 bank robberies in seven states, according to the FBI.

According to Mollie Halpern of the FBI, McCracken wore a Nike baseball hat and eyeglasses when he allegedly robbed the banks in South Carolina, Tennessee, Georgia, Florida, Kentucky, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania.

Georgetown Police Capt. Nelson Brown said McCracken was not wearing a Nike hat when he robbed SCB&T Thursday. Instead, he was  was wearing an Atlana Braves cap.

The crime spree began October 25 and continued through Thursday. Halpern said, with the exception of the Georgetown incident, the banks that were robbed  were close to major interstates, including I-75 and I-95.

According to the FBI, the usual method of operation used by McCracken was to approach a teller, present a threatening note indicating he had a gun and demanded a particular amount of cash.

When McCracken ran out of the SCB&T in Georgetown Thursday, he was spotted by former Georgetown Police Investigator Ricky Floyd and off-duty South Carolina Law Enforcement Division Agent Rhett Holden who happened to be driving by at the same time.

They saw he was running in a suspicious manner then saw the red dye pack that had been placed in the money bag explode.

They chased him to the Ryan’s parking lot where they held him at gunpoint until other officers arrived.

The FBI had been offering a $5,000 reward for McCracken’s capture. Brown said since Floyd is no longer an employee because of a medical problem, he is eligible to collect the reward.

By Scott Harper