Well it’s true, paybacks are horrible!

When I was in high school, I played a teeny, tiny little joke on my mom.

We were in our driveway, and she and I were unloading some groceries.  

Well, she was wearing a sundress and I may or may not have played a traditional game of “dress up day” with her. This game is really fun for one person and not the other.  

Basically you yell “dress up day!” as loud as possible, while yanking the dress of the other person up over their head.  

The key to successfully playing this game and living is to run like the wind afterward.  

Especially if you do it to your mother while she is bending over to get groceries out of the car.

Thankfully, I outran her, which is why I’m still alive today to write this story.

Fast forward to the present day.

I don’t know if you all know this or not, but in addition to writing for the Georgetown Times and having four kids, I also have a job.  A couple of days a week, Chandler, my youngest, comes to work with me in the afternoon for just an hour.  

She loves it, and the people I work with love her.

The majority of customers I help are women, so rarely do I help a gentleman.  Last week I wore a sundress to work, and Chandler and I were about to leave work to head home.  

The only male customer I had in a week was standing right in front of me, which is the exact moment Chandler decided to lift up my dress as high as humanly possible, so that everyone within a 50-mile radius (give or take) got flashed.

When I yelled out, “Oh my gosh, what are you doing?!”  

She quickly responded by saying in her very loud voice, “Just checking to see if your panties are still there.”  

I was unaware that I needed a check, but I guess thanks are in order.  

If nothing else, kids keep you on your toes and reinforce the Golden Rule of “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”  

Even years later, it was done unto me!