Dorian Sept 1


Sunday September 1 Dorian update:

Little has changed since yesterday's National Hurricane Center reports which are predicting the center of Dorian will remain offshore as it moves along the coast of Florida, Georgia and the Carolinas. There is still uncertainty as the forecast moves into Wednesday which is the day of most concern for South Carolina residents, however.

The forecast still shows Dorian weakening and looking more like a Category 1 or 2 as it moves along the South Carolina Coast through Wednesday, September 4.

Much of the uncertainty is based on the effect of a jet stream coming out of the north that is expected to steer Dorian further east. When that jet stream becomes impactful and how strong that impact is will determine where Dorian makes landfall according to forecasters. Drier air that Dorian is expected to encounter as it approaches the Carolinas is expected to weaken Dorian to a Category 2 or 1 storm as it interacts with South Carolina.

Residents of coastal South Carolina should keep a close eye on this storm and prepare for evacuation should that become necessary. We will continue to update this story as the National Hurricane Center sends its reports. Check back this afternoon for the latest.